A Food Blogger, A Food Photographer And A Recipe Designer – Debjani Chatterjee Alam Is All In One.

11 August 2017

Debjani Chatterjee Alam Prof Story WOC

The Hindu-Muslim happy marriage of Debjani and Mehebub (Read Full Story Here) has simply grown in each and every sense. What we see, what we hear about inter-religion marriages, has been proven completely wrong by them. We know how courageous Debjani is in her personal life and she is courageous in her professional life as well.

A Food Blogger, a Food Photographer, a Recipe Designer and all time food lover, Debjani has her passion and all heart for the work she does. Cooking is a therapeutic measure to her busy life. She loves to cook. And moreover, she loves to see her daughter cherishing the food she makes for her.

“I ‘Respect’ food more than I cherish my two spoons of rice.” This shows her belongingness and worship towards food. Debjani has been a professional worker for the social sector and so she has witnessed the beauty of the rural areas of our country. Not only this, but she has even seen people cry for food. She has known the essence of food in one’s life.

Her food blog, Debjani’s Rannaghar (Kitchen of Debjani) is all about her food love. And it is an ode to the kitchen she used to have in her native home, with earthen stove, old crockery and food with love and devotion made by her mother and aunts for the family.

It was a live example and initial love that inculcated the passion and respect for food. Debjani knew from the beginning that if she would be writing, it has to be about food. And that’s how her food blog got into existence.

Initially, she started to record her traditional Bengali food recipes and gradually recorded the different regional cuisines. She wanted her fine dine experience to be known and cherished by everyone. Debjani doesn’t hold a degree in food, but she loves to read about food and food history.

Her blog, Debjani’s Rannaghar is quite unique and unlike the usual food blogs. Her blog is not restricted to a fine genre of food blogging, instead, she writes anything and everything about food. Debjani writes about her own experiences and we can find a touch of every cuisine on her blog from traditional Indian recipes to international delicacies and also the roadside food. You may have a look at some of her best food recipes here: https://goo.gl/KMcB34

Debjani’s food blogging journey has been one with great lessons and moreover great experiences. She has frequent meets with people who are truly passionate about food and she always ends up learning the great thing from them. She has loved her journey and loves it being a food blogger.

Her blogging profession doesn’t have the only dedication as a mainstream. There are other factors too which contribute to a blogger’s life. Debjani has her valuable time, knowledge, focus, money and above all her passion into her profession of blogging.

People find a blogger’s life glamorous. They at times desire the life we live without considering what we give to the entire thing,” Debjani mentions.

She is questioned by people often for, how to be a food blogger. The simple means of those people for becoming a blogger is that they could get invitations to different places or things to review or to write and ultimately become popular.

They don’t realize the “Behind the Scene” that includes, a blogger dedicatedly review a product, write about it, creating the recipes, or a blogger visiting a place, tasting the food and the entire food photography and finally creating his/her own piece of blog. One quality blog post demands hours of work,” she says in consideration to those people who wish to become a blogger.

"Pasta what are these?" "Maraschino cherry momma and Fresh cherry!" "kiiiiii! once more please!" "Maraschino cherry!!" Pasta how about "Only Cherry" beta! I mean you are just 3.5 darling! don't kill me with your hilarious vocabulary! and why don't you speak like other kids! How about some poem or something on the easier side", I murmured! And she replied after a pause "Momma eta maraschino cherry momma only cherry na!" I realized I better come up with my new blog post instead of asking my toddler about the type of cherry! And here's the No Churn Fresh Cherry and Chocolate Chip Ice Cream to soothe my little ego that was badly crushed by the knowledge of my little one! No Churn Fresh Cherry and Chocolate Chip Ice Cream is now up on my blog https://kitchenofdebjani.com/2017/08/cherry-and-chocolate-chip-ice-cream/ . . . . #foodphotography #cherryicecream #food52grams #indianfood #nikonphotography #asianfood #iamnikon #foodstyling #indianfoodstories #indianfoodbloggers #kolkatafoodbloggers #bbcgoodfood #huffposttaste #scoopwhoop #icecream #storiesofKolkata #AmarKolkata #sundayfunday #foodstagram #hautecuisines #cherry #feedfeed #foodblogfeed #indianfoodstories #foodtalkindia #nomnom #yummy #yahoofood #chocolate #debjanirrannaghar

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Debjani has her heart into the work she does. She is neither a linguistic major nor a professional photographer. She writes about food because she loves it. She has the urge to grow and know the aspects which are unknown to her. And the best way out for it is by discussing food with professional chefs or a professional food photographer.

Debjani Chatterjee Alam enriches herself in every way she can and talks with food historians or food enthusiasts add on to her enrichment. She believes that she knows nothing and that makes her a true learner as she wishes to learn as much as possible.

Debjani has a job which is one of a financial analyst and she gives her rest time to her blogging. She manages both the works quite smoothly and that is because a food is her love, her passion. And with the family support, things go easier. My family is my backbone and my little angel helps me to learn the meaning of adjustment,” she says.

She enjoys the various roles that she plays in her life, the role of a mother, wife, daughter, blogger and a dedicated professional. Managing everything in a go sometimes creates stress in her life. Debjani overcomes the stress and makes herself a wiser person by learning from the mistakes that she commits.

Experiencing motherhood gave her a new vision. She learnt that motherhood makes a woman complete and she is more worthy than people thought of her and it is our duty to show the society if there is no mother, there is no child.

She tries her best to stay motivated to which her daughter and her willpower work the best. Debjani believes that there are millions of people living out there who don’t have access to basic necessities. If they are living why not we? Nature has gifted us with the beautiful life and when the hard time comes, it passes on. It doesn’t stay for long.”

A person can grow better if he has a great support system. And Debjani is lucky enough for having understanding parents who don’t hesitate with any of her decisions, not even when it was about marrying a Muslim man. And above it, an understanding husband who is more of a friend. Support always plays a crucial role in one’s life and it is somehow needed.

Debjani has her day very much scheduled wherein she gives considerable time to her work, passion and family. She has always gained positivity in her life. She has no regrets in her life. And she has always believed that if she is here, she is here for a reason, for a cause.

She wants to tell the bloggers out there that, Be creative with your passion of blogging. Be strict where should be the emphasis on, to have a quality food blog or to get popular. Last but not the least, don’t steal from others, you cannot achieve anything with plagiarized content in long run. How about respecting other’s hours of dedicated work and be as dedicated as they.”

Debjani wishes to come up with her own Books in future which would reflect her passion.

Debjani is a Woman of Courage because she lives her life fullest. She doesn’t underestimate her dreams as a woman and she tries to fulfil those as much as she can.

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