Meet Dr Pradnya Anjal, Who Started Vedika – An E-Platform To Promote Indian Languages, Arts & Culture.

4 August 2017

Pradnya Jere WOC

Our culture and tradition have taken a back seat somehow in our daily routines. We have been engaged in a lot of activities and have forgotten our roots of belongingness which is our culture.

The essence which our culture has is precious and more importantly rich. It is sad that we have parted our ways from our glorifying culture. Today in our story we have a woman who started a venture Vedika in January 2017 to promote and propagate Indian languages, arts and culture.

Being into the field of e-learning for last 8 years, Pradnya has worked for different MNCs including Wipro and Bosch as an Instructional Designer and she wants to make use of her work experience for the benefit of Indian Languages, Arts and Culture.

As a student of Sanskrit and qualified e-learning professional, it was a natural inspiration for her to do something by integrating modern technology and our age-old culture. If we see the books, toys and other stuff available in the market for kids, there is hardly anything that introduces them to our culture. To make the kids introduce and learn the niceties of our culture, she started Vedika.

The word Vedika means platform. Vedika is an e-platform for Indian languages, arts and culture. Their first project ‘Sanskrit Rhymes’ is just a baby step towards their larger goal. They have collaborated with expert music composer Mr. Abhishek Kale and music arranger Mr. Avinash Inamdar from Sangli, Maharashtra who are working on this ‘first-of-its-kind’ project.

Pradnya belongs from a place called Sangli located at Maharashtra-Karnataka border. She did her schooling and college from Pune and Solapur. Her parents were working at Bank of India and she had a financially and emotionally stable, happy childhood.

She is associated with an institute named Jnana Prabodhini since her teenage. She completed her MA in Sanskrit from Pune University and after that, she worked for Jnana Prabodhini as a Youth Leader.  She also worked at Sanskrit Department of Jnana Prabodhini as a Junior Research Scholar.

In 2003, she moved to Bangalore after marriage and did her PhD in Sanskrit from Bangalore University. Having stayed so close to her culture, she wished to impart this to others as well and therefore her venture Vedika came into existence.

Vedika will create a lot of content for kids, teens and adults in Indian languages. It will help them not only learn the language but also understand the niceties of our culture. It’s important to preserve and propagate Indian culture because it has a great potential to enrich the world culture.

As mentioned earlier, they have started with ‘Sanskrit Rhymes’ project for which, Pradnya has written 15 rhymes in the Sanskrit language to teach alphabets, numbers, names of the colours, vehicles, animals, birds etc. They have recorded 6 songs so far and published 3 of them on their YouTube channel Vedika: Sanskrit Rhymes.

Vedika is still at initial stage so it is obvious that challenges will come up. They have launched Vedika in January this year and for a start up, funding is necessary. They have started their fundraising campaign on Their target is to raise Rs. 7,50,000 for a series of 15 songs and so far they have raised 2,80,000. Raising remaining funds and getting a good work done is a challenge. But she and her team will overcome the challenges and work with all their hearts out.

Pradnya feels blessed and fortunate to have a strong support from her parents, in-laws and husband. All of them are enthusiastic about her work. And ultimately with such support system, managing work life and home life is comparatively easier.

Having a beautiful 12-year-old daughter makes life more easy going. She has a conversation and chats with her daughter which works as a great stress-buster. Almost every day, they take a walk together and talk a lot. It makes her forget all worries and difficulties.

Her future goal is quite clear that she wants to build a team of creative writers, instructional designers, graphic designers, language experts, artists etc. so that together they can build a strong e-platform for Indian languages, arts and culture.

Her regular day is not so different from a typical housewife. Her laptop will be on full day and household works and official works usually go hand in hand. Working and managing household chores together is what our modern Indian woman is all about.

Pradnya’s life mantra is, “Keep everything straight and simple.” She believes that complicated things won’t get anyway. So better keep it simple and simplicity is the best. And this is what she wants to convey to the women out there as well.

Her life and her venture Vedika taught her that learning never ends. You keep on learning new things as and when you grow up. The process of learning is endless and limitless.

Pradnya is Woman of Courage because she dared to choose an unconventional area to run an enterprise. She considers herself as a mompreneur. A child may not feel the need of certain food but mom knows what is good for him/her and she prepares it and feeds him/her. At this point of time, people may not feel the necessity of learning languages or arts, but she knows that it is good and beneficial for the society and that’s why she will do something about it and make the awareness.



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