Color Blind Or Color Brave? – Ted Talk By Mellody Hobson On Racial Discrimination Is A Must Watch.

Mellody hobson Woc

We have avoided talks about racism. And many people have behaved colour blind. In the TEDxTalk, Mellody Hobson avows that this sentiment of racism is harmful. And this is particularly seen while hiring an employee at a workplace.

Mellody Hobson is a president of Ariel Investments. She is a regular financial contributor to ABC and CBS news.

In her talk, Mellody mentioned that the only way to combat racial discrimination is to be “colour brave” and face the situation with head high and dignity.

In her conversation, she took up various questions and boldly held them. Why avoiding conversations about race is harmful, how racial discrimination manifests in society and in the workplace, and what steps individuals and business leaders can take to tackle the issue.

Not only in one part of the world but in the entire world, racism is an uneasy topic. Mellody believes that “It’s time to be comfortable with the uncomfortable conversation about race.”

“Ignoring a problem is never the way to solve it, and racial discrimination is a gargantuan problem,” says Mellody Hobson.


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