Meet Chandro Tomar- The Oldest Sharpshooter In The World

3 August 2017

Chandro Tomar WOC article

In our country, India where after a certain age, people get devoted towards the Almighty, Chandro Tomar also known as Revolver Dadi got devoted towards shooting.

Chandro is the oldest female sharpshooter in the world and is leading a sporting revolution in her village. This 82-year-old lady has won more than 25 national championships in the shooting.

Belonging to Johri village, situated in the Bagpat district of Uttar Pradesh, Revolver Dadi is a mother of six and grandmother of 15. She started her training when she was 65 and since then there is no looking back.

For her age is just a number. A person’s interest and passion can break every protocol with the dedication and keenness.

Her granddaughter wanted to join the Johri Rifle Club and so Chandro accompanied her. At there, she took a pistol and from a range started shooting at the target. She surprised everyone there with her exceptional skills. And that was the start of her shooting profession.

She stayed focused and her focus neglected all the age barriers of the society. Her initiative and popularity gave other women of the village a boost which led to a sporting revolution in her village.

Inspiring to know, today 25 women who have stepped out of their traditional homes are being trained at the Rifle Club. Chandro with her enthusiastic personality gave an inspiration to the women and to her family members which led her in achieving success.

In the year 2010, her daughter Seema became the first Indian woman to win a medal at the Rifle and Pistol World Cup. Her granddaughter Neetu Solanki had also participated in international championships in Hungary and Germany.

Chandro gave everyone a dimension which was unknown initially. Her sister-in-law, Prakashi Tomar has also been following her footstep and accomplishing the targets.

The region where they reside in western Uttar Pradesh is North India’s badlands. Shooting is not a sport for them. It is a life skill. Guns are common and gunfights are the solution to end the arguments and conversation.

Chandro had once defeated a Delhi Police Deputy Inspector General (DIG) in a competition and the cop was so embarrassed that he left the ceremony before the prize distribution.

In a male-dominated society, Revolver Dadi is a role model for the women in the region. At there, for generations, women had no voice. They didn’t raise any objection or questions and lived a scared life. But interestingly, Chandro’s abilities with the gun has now forced the men folk to sit up and take notice of what women are capable of, if given an opportunity.

The region is only known for its shooting. There are no pucca roads, no regular supply of water, and a shortage of regular electricity. Yet, with the shooting abilities, the region has made an established mark.

With the passion, you can achieve your goals and to live a life with your head high all you have to do is believe in yourself.

Chandro Tomar is Woman Of Courage because she set an example and did something stepping out of the boundaries which were laid for women. She brought laurels to her region, her state and her family continue in achieving all their dreams in the games of rifle and pistols.

Image: Shariq Allaqaband/World Record Academy



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