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12 August 2017

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Source:  Mission Josh

Bringing a smile on others face makes me the happiest. Since childhood, I used to love sharing happiness with others. There was a social gathering at my home town, where everyone was performing something or the other.

I was 2 and a half years at that point, but I told my mother I wanted to perform and that’s the first time I performed in front of a live audience. I performed a Lata Mangeshkar song and knew that I wanted to sing forever and that’s when my training began in classical singing.

I started singing with my brother since before we were 5. 1999 was a defining year for both of us. We were only 6 years old when the Kargil War was going on.

During that time, we saw a newspaper ad that asked people to donate for our soldiers and because we couldn’t afford a lot, my brother and I went from shop to shop singing ‘ae mere watan ke logo’ and ended up collecting 25,000 Rupees for our soldiers.

We felt like we had used our talent for something important and we wanted to keep at it.

Since then, we’ve been doing 100% charity shows under the name ‘Save Little Hearts’. It all began when a poor shoe seller contacted us to help his child Lokesh who had been suffering from a congenital heart defect.

We organised a small show and thought we would have to perform 5-6 times before we can collect the amount but we collected the 55,000 Rupees overnight. Since then we’ve focused on arranging money for children with heart ailments and over the years we’ve collected lot of amount for our cause and saved the lives of over 1000 children.

We’re all born with some talent or the other but we have a choice on how to use that talent.

A few years ago we sang to save the life of a farmer’s son in a remote village in India and when his son’s operation was successful he came all the way to meet us with a bag full of wheat, those are the moments which we look back on as special and life changing.

It feels great to receive cards and calls from people who I had helped years back.

Those kids celebrate their birthdays on the date of their surgery and they call me to thank. It is overwhelming to receive so much love from kids and their parents. There is a long way to go and I want to help all the children for their treatment.

I love waking up to the dolls in my room which I have been collecting for each child’s life after treatment. I remember when Salman Sir appreciated my initiative and he supports our mission by sending lots of good wishes to us.


-Palak Muchhal

Source: Mission Josh


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