This 23-Year-Old Girl From Mumbai With Down’s Syndrome Runs Her Own Restaurant. – Aditi Verma

13 August 2017

Aditi Verma WOC

As a human being, we often feel laid back. We feel insecure and at the same time, we even feel inferior. When we look at others, we think about their easy life. But we somewhere tend to ignore the ones who are living a life tougher than we can ever imagine.

Meet Aditi Verma of Mumbai who justifies the existence of survival and living. She has Down’s syndrome and she runs her own restaurant.

Down’s syndrome is a genetic chromosome disorder causing development and intellectual delay. With this disorder, Aditi’s parents didn’t let her feel any different from others. They instead found their daughter’s interest field in cooking and gifted her most precious gift ‘Aditi’s Corner’.

This small eatery is run by Aditi herself. From receiving the client calls to preparing the dishes, from handling the accounts to managing the orders.

The place started as a small shop selling tea, coffee and other beverages, has today turned into a proper eatery station.

In our country, people with special needs are at most discriminated. And so they tend to receive no opportunities to prove their talents, but with firm determination of her parents and their belief in Aditi made the difference.

The walls of her cafe in Navi Mumbai have words inscribed on it which says, “Working hard is the key for good life, but no one can work empty stomach”. These words reflect a simple truth of life. If we want to achieve something in life, we much work hard in the same regard. And a happy stomach is a half way conquered battle.

Aditi is a person with a beautiful heart and so she welcomes her guests with a beautiful smile. She is a strong girl. At an age of 23 with such a rare disease and independent with her aspirations is truly commendable.

Aditi Verma is a Woman of Courage because she chose this disorder not to let her down and today she is earning for herself.  With supportive parents,  she achieved her aspirations.

Image Source: The Better India


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