Strong & Courageous – That’s What Today’s Women Are.

31 July 2017

todays's women WOC

Every woman deserves love and moreover deserves respects. Women, from the beginning of the civilization, have been looked down upon by men. Even today, some men carry the mentality for women for not pursuing a career other than being a housewife and mother.

Women are strong beings. They have and will continue to be strong individuals. Too long have we women faced the brutality of inequality and sexism. No more.

Today’s women go after what they want even though they might be called a ‘bitch’ for doing so. When men go after what they want, they’re called ambitious but women, on the other hand, are called ‘bitches’.

I don’t understand why this perception runs through minds. Women today have started living up to their dreams and their work is speaking much more than they are to the world.

They’re not afraid to speak up when injustice is served to them. Whether it is home or workplace or any random place, women have stood up for their rights. No more they are afraid or coward. They speak up when they are served with ill-treatment.

Today’s women are financially independent and can make do on their own. The scenario has completely changed in today’s world. Strong women don’t need a man to provide for them, they’re more than capable of earning a living.

They don’t wait for things to happen but make them happen. The time has gone when women would cry over their mishaps. Today, they are strong decision makers and take actions whenever it seems needed.

Very often we come across the word “Feminism”- it is a movement that demands equal rights for men and women. Today’s women are vocal feminists and fight for their rights.

They don’t play the blame game or the victim. If things aren’t going according to them, they don’t blame others for their situation or act like a helpless victim of the circumstances.

They don’t hesitate to make the first move. If they like someone they prefer going first rather than waiting. There is no harm in making the first move and telling them that. It’s your life, your decisions. Choose wisely, live wisely.

They don’t waste time complaining about things that have gone wrong. Life isn’t perfect and things are bound to go away every once in a while but that doesn’t mean you waste all your time feeling bad for yourself and cribbing about the situation.

Today’s women take bold risks. They know there is no reward without risk and strong women know that.
You’re the only one who can empower yourself and dig yourself out of any mess you might be stuck in. Be bold and chase your dreams and turn them into reality because you are the planner of your life.

Today’s women are courageous and have their own identity and don’t need others approval for the reasons of their existence.


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