Meet Richa Dalwani, Who Has Started A Platform To Promote An Open Culture Of Free Thinkers And Entertainers.

13 July 2017

Richa Dalwani WOC

With no specific plans ahead, she unconsciously kept doing it. She didn’t know that she would go a long way and give up everything for it until she actually did it.

Richa recalls writing poetry, songs and ghazals at the end of school notebooks which were the earliest hints for her towards her passion, which she and apparently others failed to notice. Thank our education system and passé social culture, sigh! Somehow after finishing her educational roller coaster ride, she bumped into writing once again, and this time to never give up.

In her long expedition of start-ups, freelancing, jobs, one idea thrilled us the most. We think you have guessed it right. A Night with Strangers, her attempt to bring the community closer through conversations, delightful gigs, creative activities, yummilicious food and much more.

Sometimes to make a little space in this grand universe, one has to pass through emotional trauma and wild drama; Richa could sense that trauma and eccentric wildness in her own self and many others. She believes all of us have some things unsaid and some laughs unshared but alas, there’s not a single space dedicated to gather people and promote all sorts of conversations, at least in her city of Ahmedabad.

In tête-à-tête about the idea behind A Night with Strangers, she said – “There is no such space where people could go to find solace; a place to meet new people, share awkward emotions and talk insanely silly stuff without freaking out for judgements/non-acceptance. This is when I delved into a series of events to promote an open culture of free thinkers and entertainers. A society without conversations is zilch.”

Richa Dalwani Inside Article 1

The name ‘A Night with Strangers’ has created many controversies and wrong notions in the heads of people. Richa feels it’s sad that some people associate nights only with sex and/or dating and she wants to change that mindset instead of changing a name of her event label. She adds, “It’s funny how some people call us to ask for timings and activities and when they get to know it’s 6 pm to 11 pm with some interactive activities and not pure dating (read sex), they get disappointed,” she laughs.

A Night with Strangers is a socialising event that fosters conversations and connections. Since the third edition, Richa has a partner named Ronak Sedani who has elevated the level of this event and has been the greatest support. Besides him, she has an exciting team from different walks of life whom she refers to as fabulous creative blends.

Richa and Ronak

When asked Richa about her future plans, she had a handy long list, although not all her dreams are stagnant. From her YouTube Channel to fully executing the idea behind A Night with Strangers to being a published poet and offbeat blogger, she wants no hush-hush in life except when she is sleeping or watching love stories.

She responded overwhelmingly, Say unrealistic dreams and I would like to own a boutique café (I exactly know how it will look like) and a bespoke fashion line. But apart from materialistic aims, I dream of the world where ethics succeed malice and humanism rules out selfishness. Let’s stop racing, oh humans! I am eagerly waiting for the day when people receive mental illnesses equal to physical disabilities and together as a community, we find ways to minimise each other’s pain.”

Our woman of courage Richa believes that every day and every experience makes her a better person. When her dad was taken to OT for the cancer operation, for the first time in her life, she felt so broken without any pillar of support, but she knew that she had to be strong as an ox and face every challenge with head held high. Thankfully, he is hunky dory now.

Her hymn of life is: Cry hard, laugh harder; eat more, sleep most. Sometimes we feel weird for taking wrong decisions and landing in awkward situations but Richa relishes weirdness and keeps repeating the same mistakes. Ah, now that’s so weird!

She wishes to convey a message, “Settle your life but never your dreams. Don’t over think (I do that a lot though, which is damaging), just go with the flow. The law of vibration actually works. So think magic, get magic.”

Richa Dalwani is a Woman of Courage because she boldly stood up for herself and has been who she wanted to be. She has created her own happy, independent world.



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