Bhumika Sharma – Miss World Bodybuilding. Here’s all you need to know.

4 July 2017

Bhumika Sharma miss-world-bodybuilding

Indian women are not doing exceptionally great within the country but are making a remarkable history outside the boundaries which will be cherished and celebrated for ages and ages.

Meet Bhumika Sharma who won the title of Miss World in bodybuilding championship. It is a great honour for our country and a huge inspiration for everyone, especially women.

In our country the sport of bodybuilding is considered to be male fascinated and male oriented, breaking the stereotypes and proving everyone wrong, here stands Bhumika, bringing laurels to our country and making everyone proud.

Belonging to Dehradun and winning the title of Miss World in Venice is what Bhumika has successfully accomplished.

Among the 50 contestants from around the world, she was the lone woman bodybuilder among 27 Indians to rock the tournament in full fledge. She scored the most number of points in body posing, individual posing and fall category.

Bhumika’s parents Hansa Manral Sharma who is the head coach of India Women’s Weightlifting team and Vishwavijay Sharma, a businessman wanted their daughter to do wonders in the field of shooting. And Bhumika initially pursued shooting and wanted to break the norms and welcome victories in that profession herself.

But eventually, she opted for bodybuilding after a chance meeting with a bodybuilding coach during a shooting event in New Delhi three years ago. It was like, the things were already written and the fate was already decided for her.

It took her some time to convince her parents and seek permission for bodybuilding being the only child to her parents, but Bhumika has a firm heart which brought the approval of her parents.

Her mother helps her in her regimen and her coach Bhupendra Sharma ensures she remains impressive.

Bhumika is very much sincere with her routines and follows a punishing schedule at the gym for up to seven hours a day. She is the only woman bodybuilder from Uttrakhand who has made a mark in the national as well as international arena.

And she is not done yet the 21-year-old is following a strict and punctual schedule for the World Universe Championship that will be held in December this year which is organized by National Amateur Body-Builders’ Association (NABBA) of United Kingdom.

Women today can do anything and everything with their own uniqueness. The sayings that women cannot get into bodybuilding have been completely discarded and proven false.

Bhumika Sharma is a Woman of Courage because her dedication, hard work, and passion towards the sport brought her victory. She is determined to make a historic dart on the map and she will surely achieve success in all her future ventures.

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