How Parenthood Inspired Ankita Lodha To Start India’s First Play Bus – FunOnWheels

14 July 2017

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Ankita Lodha is the founder of India’s first play bus – FunOnWheels. Fun On Wheels is a mobile entertainment venue that caters for all kid’s parties.

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Our mind gets such innovative ideas. Sometimes we share our ideas and sometimes we just keep it within ourselves. There will be people who will criticise us and at the same time, our heart and mind will be pumped up to bring our idea into action. The urge and determination to accomplish our dream is very necessary and moreover important for our life to be lived pleasantly.

In our today’s story, we have Ankita Lodha Maskara who tried very hard to bring her innovative idea into action and is running her business that is not only unique but is one of its first. She is the owner of Fun On Wheels.

Belonging to a very small place in Jharkhand, she belonged to a joint family. After pursuing her masters in marketing, Ankita Lodha was placed with Future Group. Later, Ankita got married and she started her new life and settled in Delhi, after which she worked with Fab India for a year or And it was after this job that she decided to start something of her own.

In the year 2011, she started off with her own venture.

Initially, when she started exploring the entertainment sector in 2011, they started with the adult segment – with Virtual Theatre. However, they realised that though this market has potential, still the loyalty factor lacks in the particular segment.When Ankita conceived her first baby, she had a clear idea she won’t go back in the same

When Ankita conceived her first baby, she had a clear idea she won’t go back in the same scenario. She wanted to explore more and she thought of starting her career again in the kids’ entertainment segment. New parenthood gave her new experiences and she wished to do something innovative in that very segment.

Ms Maskara started off by introducing push carts in shopping malls which she continues today. After working for two years, she felt that still she can add on to this and create something more interesting for the kids. And this is how Fun On Wheels – India’s first play bus came into existence.

Ankita’s idea was brief and so she explored the concept in detail. She then drafted the design. Her initial challenge was that the idea was all in the mind and she had to put that idea into reality. There were no guidelines, no mentoring. She had no idea from where to take her first step.

She went to different departments, to get their approval. All of them appreciated the idea but she had to face rejections. Ankita didn’t give up and finally, she found her way.

Her firmness with the plan got her dream project off the ground. The challenges came up, but she faced it with strong determination.

Fun On Wheels is an exciting fun bus that has been filled with soft play magic, with its bright and vibrant soft play fitting, no child will be able to resist them.

The bus is a colourful adventure on wheels aimed at 2-10 years old with all kinds of entertainments. The concept has been appreciated by every parent and everyone who has come across it.

Another interesting thing about the concept is that the bus is not static. It keeps on moving. So the venue drives to the place.

“I am a mother and I know how exhausting it can be at your kids’ disposal at a wedding or birthday or baby shower or any other event,” she mentions when asked her how the venture has benefitted.

Team WOC asked her about maintaining her personal and professional life, to which she has a beautiful message. “I think we women are blessed by the divine almighty for this power of multitasking. We somehow have the energy and patience to handle every situation in a beautiful manner. I am not doing anything extraordinary. There are women out there doing exceptionally great in their fields. Supportive family and strong determination towards work is all required for a balance.”

Whenever Ankita is in a state of confusion, she talks to her four-year-old kid and talks her heart out. For her, her daughter has been the biggest inspiration and guidance behind Fun On Wheels.

On asking Ankita about the happy moment of life, she says that when the Fun On Wheels was ready and was on the roads for the first time, the people’s reaction and the response to the venture was one of the unforgettable moments of her life.

“Every individual is different and you have to be your own role model. You should learn from everyone. There are certain good qualities in everybody. I believe in imbibing the good qualities in me as many as I can,” says Ankita.

Her life mantra is staying positive and persistence. Whatever the situation is, we should never fall apart. There may be times when we are high and times when we are low. We must just believe in what we do and things work accordingly.

Her message to the audience is that Dream Big and follows your dream. Don’t get hesitated or worried in criticism. You will face issues but your dream will drag you towards success.

Ankita Lodha is a Woman of Courage because she has a sense of individuality in spite of the odds. With her positive attitude, persistence and determination, she has achieved her dream which seemed clueless on the initial grounds. Her journey has begun and it will flourish in its own way.

Team Women Of Courage wishes Ankita great luck in all her endeavours!



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