“You Look Malnourished. How Can You Look So Thin. You’re Anorexic.” And That Broke My Heart.

12 June 2017

Vaibhavi Suthar

We all read about body shaming and how women and girls of all ages are trolled / teased for being OVERWEIGHT. Well, my struggle with body shaming was a little weird. I was teased for being slim. Too thin, they’d call me ‘Kaandi’, ‘Haddi’, ‘Bombil’ and all such fringed comments were part of my everyday life. So much so that I’d started to live with it, without having any problems. I was immune. But then came a day when all these feelings of self consciousness broke through the glass and resurfaced.

I was in my first year of college and two snobs from my class decided to judge me as we waited for our lecture to begin. I was standing with someone I had a huge crush on and tried my very best to look great in front of him. Just so that he notices me. These girls, all of a sudden come up to me and say “You look malnourished. How can you look so thin. You’re anorexic.” And that broke my heart.

I knew it inside my head that they were probably right. Maybe I’m anorexic. Maybe I’m so thin and ugly that I don’t deserve anyone in life. I was humiliated and not because someone made fun of me, but someone called me sick.

Anorexia is not something you choose, it’s a disease. Malnourishment is not a choice, it’s deprivation. I was neither sick nor deprived. I was super skinny because of all the sports I played in school, all the dancing I did and a blessed metabolism with the appetite of an entire village.

With time, I grew fuller and got into the right body shape. Today, I get so many compliments for my body and frame. But not because I put on weight, but because I accepted my body the way it is. And as soon as I started loving it, others did too.

So, to anyone thinking that they’re fat or skinny or short or dark… remember, you’re great the way you are.

People judge other people anyway, so be the truest best version of you and love yourself. Because no matter what you do, you’ll never be enough for them if you’re not enough for yourself.
This is my story. Story of being body shamed for being too skinny.

Source: Humans Of Thane