An Inspiring Story Of The Young Mompreneur Sheeba Malhotra!

26 June 2017

Sheeba Malhotra WOC

Our career is based on our interest field. Yes, sometimes we opt for a career to explore more. And at times we even succeed in getting exposure. For our today’s story, we have Sheeba Malhotra who is the founder of “Creamland cakes by Sheeba.”

Sheeba is a big foodie and likes to explore different restaurants and cafe for good food. The bakery has always attracted her since her college days.

After pursuing her Hotel Management, Sheeba worked in the hotel industry for a couple of years and then shifted to training. When she joined hotels, she didn’t have a chance to work there, but she is happy now, as she has worn the shoes. She found her actual interest field and has started a venture in the same regard.

She always had a fascination for baking. Actually, baking was one subject that always lured her. She had to leave the job of a Trainer after giving birth to her daughter as there was no one at home to take care of her in their absence and they were completely against the day care concept.

The inspiration to start Creamland cakes by Sheeba was her strong conviction that she is not going to waste her studies and her time. Therefore she started spending her time by baking. Later, she started making cakes for family members. Once her daughter started going to school, she also started making birthday cakes for friends.

Later, one day she thought it’s now or never, and decided to start her own venture. It took her almost two years to gather the courage to do so. Now there is no looking back for her. She gives all the credit to her family and friends whose constant support helped her to believe in her instincts.

Creamland Cakes is about making the dreams come true.” says Sheeba.

They specialise in making customised cakes and cupcakes. Their clients come with a vision and a dream and they help them in fulfilling their dreams. She encourages her clients to order customised cakes only.

She is doing really well with her venture. “I am happy that people are choosing Creamland over free standing bakeries, and this I will term as a difference that I have made,” shares Sheeba.

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Her initial struggle asked for a lot of strength. Like any other start-up, Sheeba also faced challenges. Two years back when she started her venture, she was based in Pune. Initially, it was difficult to make the people understand the whole concept of customising the cakes and cupcakes.

“The people were not keen to spend that amount of money on cakes when simple cakes were available in the market at much lesser cost. However, when I cracked my first cake deal, there was no looking back,” she mentioned.

Managing a personal and professional life has always been a question for most women. Sheeba manages both quite very well. She works from 9 am to 3 pm, because post 3 pm it’s time for her family. But yes, when she is extremely busy with her work, her family supports her and also tries to help her in whatever way they can.

When asked her about her role model she said that she does not believe in role model concept. She believes being the one. “Every woman, whether a housewife or working is the inspiration in some way or the other. All you need is a sight to see the positives in another woman,” she says.

Creating wow moments for her client are her best moments for Sheeba.

“Happy clients and happy me,” she smiles.

Her husband Sachin is her biggest support system. “With ever smiling face, he just jumps in whenever I require his help. There are times when I have to work late in the night, he is beside me laughing, joking, and helping me, no matter how tired he is. In all senses, he is my greatest support and I am truly blessed to have him in my life,” she says with a warm heart.

Life is too short, live to the fullest without any regrets. Transform your negatives into positives and life will be beautiful. This is what Sheeba has learnt from her venture.

She wishes to convey a quote which she read somewhere, to the people out there. “Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacles.”

Sheeba Malhotra is a Woman of Courage because she believes in her and she also believes that every person has that little spark in them, all they need is to ignite it. And she ignites her spark to achieve all her dreams.

Team WOC Wishes Sheeba all the very best for each and every one of her future endeavours!



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