Read The Inspiring Story Of A Famous Tarot Card Reader Shambhavi Chhugani.

22 June 2017


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“My journey to the spiritual world started when I was all of 16 years, having come from a highly reputed family of Bihar, it was expected of us to be spiritually inclined, as much as we were formally educated.

My induction to the spiritual world came through Reiki and Nyaas healing. Over the year I have taught myself other aspects of spirituality and continue to be a student with a thirst for spiritual knowledge.

After suffering jaundice relapses at the start of my teens, which left me weak and vulnerable, I learnt two of the biggest most valuable lessons of life, which is to value what one has and the power of now. It was the miracle of prayers that I was able to recover from the near death situation I was in and be here to share this today.

Life has been a bitter sweet journey, with its fair share of ups and down over the years, like everyone else I have often wondered what’s in store for me down the road and have been questioning my existence. Needing to find a purpose for my existence began my higher education in Bangalore.

The initial years there were difficult as being from a small town, adjusting to the demands of the big city was a challenge. Battling my complexes I continued my education, finally completing it. On the way, I gained my confidence and self-esteem and also earned the respect of my colleagues who then became my friends. My hard work didn’t go unrewarded and I was given the opportunity to be the face of my college on various occasions.

I pursued my post graduation with a scholarship and was hired by the Oberoi group as a banquet sales coordinator.

Over the years I have moved homes from Bangalore to Pune to Mumbai, been married and become a mother to a son. I have worked across a spectrum of industries, whilst continuing my spiritual advancement. I practised the art of tarot along with other spiritual healing forms over all these years.

Today I have become a recognised name in the field of tarot and have taken it up as a full-time profession.”

-Submitted by: Shambhavi Chhugani



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