INSPIRATION: Radhika Anand Has Planted Over 1,85,000 Fruit Trees Using Her Own Resources.

10 June 2017

Radhika Anand

Plants and trees have their natural ambience which creates a serene environment. In our today’s story, meet Radhika Anand, a 53-year-old who has planted 1,85,000 fruit trees using her own resources, savings and small contributions from friends and well-wishers to fund her endeavour.

Radhika has been an environmentalist for two and a half decades. She has been passionate about working for the environment since childhood. She is the founder and CEO of a self-funded organisation “Plantology” to take up greening initiatives across India.

In collaborations with the Delhi Government, she has organised over 500 workshops since 2006. She has also worked in partnership with the Ministry of Environment and many corporate organisations to interact with the youths of India and talk to them about the essentiality of environment conservation and balancing a healthy ecosystem.

The money earned by Radhika from these workshops and various Grassroot ventures have been utilised in her mission FALVAN Project. FAL means fruit and VAN means forest, so she decided the name FALVAN for her mission meaning a fruit forest.

In the year 2015, Radhika Anand made a resolve and wanted to bring her mission in action. It was since then she started visiting various agencies and briefing them her idea.

She talked with State Level Environment Departments, Centre Level Environment Department, Forest Departments but the outcome was not exactly what Radhika desired.

Everyone appreciated her idea but they denied help as some had no funds, some were lacking land and some had water scarcity issues. All of these discouraged Radhika, but at the same time she was pumped up with enthusiasm and her will got more and more hardened.

And then one day when she was travelling to her hometown, Chandigarh in a train, she had a gentleman seated beside her. She started a conversation with him and talked about her idea of planting fruits and trees all over India with own money and resources. The gentleman was quite impressed with her idea and told her that he would get back to her.

Soon the next day, being the man of words, he called her. The gentleman was an Army officer. He told Radhika that the General wanted to meet her and had asked her to bring her project to them so that they can help her and work on her mission.

Since then, her journey started and till now she has planted 1,85,000 trees with the help of Indian Army. She has covered Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh till now and wishes to extend her mission all over India.

What she does is that she picks up the trees which are local of that region. And later, gives the samplings to the Army so that, they can carry forward the planting and look after the plants.

The fruit trees she planted include mango (aam), tamarind (imli), gooseberry (amla), blackberry (jamun) and jackfruit (kathal).

Radhika sees her passion for the Mission FALVAN expanding on great heights as others join into transfer her selfless dream into a mass movement

Radhika Anand is a Woman of Courage because her efforts in conserving the environment are truly commendable. Every one of us should learn from this courageous woman and join hands in her noble cause.



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