Being Born With Cerebral Palsy Preeti Singh Is Inspiring Many Lives With Her Confident Attitude.

27 June 2017

Preeti Singh WOC

In life, we don’t know what may happen next, but we can always be prepared to face any hindrance that comes our way. Sometimes, we feel blessed for having some inbuilt interests. And sometimes, we curse for not having what others have.

Even if, we don’t have what others have, why don’t we see the brighter side of our life? In our today’s story, we are talking about a woman who doesn’t know how it feels to walk on her own. But she knows how to stand up on her own feet and face the world even if she is on a wheelchair.

Meet Preeti Singh who was born with Cerebral Palsy which is a congenital disorder of movement, muscle tone or posture. She was not even six months old when her father’s colleague introduced him to the idea of injections that leads to a less painful death because the pain of bringing up a girl child who is disabled since birth was indeed much more severe.

It was not her fault that she was born such way. Like any other child, she also deserved a childhood; she deserved happiness of life. She was lucky to have parents who loved her and so didn’t listen to the colleague who gave the idea for killing her. Instead, they introduced her to the world of opportunities and possibilities.   

The world was not easy for her to fit in. People used to stare her all the time and it took her some time to understand the things going around her. Seeing the kids of her age playing in the garden, swinging on the swings, made her feel really upset because she was not able to do things which children of her age were doing.

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All while Preeti would be standing against the wall and sing the longest of Bollywood songs to see how long she could stand. She was blessed with a pleasant and melodious voice which was her escape from the odds of society.

When she joined a regular school, it was difficult in the initial year to understand the tactics and the ongoings. Her sports teacher would leave her behind alone in class and take everyone else to the ground for play. All while one thing was prominent, she never felt any less of her.

Preeti used to sing alone in the class and that pumped her to face the audience. She started public speaking and participating in various competitions, she took up singing and other different activities also which made her feel happy.

She never considered her disability as a weakness. Though she couldn’t walk, she had her inner strength all aligned. And moreover, she loved her wheelchair.

Today after going to the best college of India, SRCC and after working in a renowned firm for three years, having experienced almost everything that normal 23-year-old experiences, Preeti is so content with the person she is that she doesn’t find any difference between the people she sees around and herself.

Ms Singh is still the girl who chit-chats, sings and writes things here and there. And moreover, she smiles over all her causes. Keeping smiling is the most beautiful way to be a free soul and live carefree.

These days Preeti is putting her efforts and writings to help break the stereotypical thought process that is still present when people come across someone with a difference. This is indeed needed because the society has a habit to insinuate. And it is really bad. Moreover, it is wrong.

“Yes people still stare at times, but may be because I’m indeed really pretty,” she says with a smile.

She has been on the stage and performed many times. Preeti wins hearts and her special moment was when she performed at Kommune storytellers last year. She shared the stage with some of the finest performers of India in that event. “The sound of applause all over the auditorium and those happy cheers is something hard to forget,” she says.

Being a kid she heard a lot of negative comments like she’s burden, she should die and many other heartfelt things. The worst incident ever happened to her was when, once someone walked to her and handed over a Rs.5 coin, thinking her as a beggar. She was left in dismay. For a child, to understand such complications of life is not easy and it took her some time to accept and endure what she has.

But, today Preeti is strong and lives with head high. She has been working as a Chartered Accountant Intern from the last three years with S.P.Nagrath & Co. Presently she is working and brainstorming ideas for her YouTube channel.

“The idea is still in the pipeline and I’m brainstorming every day but as funny it might sound I see myself performing at Talkatora Stadium, Delhi sometime very soon and I’m just putting my energies in that direction,” she says. Preeti dreams of winning ‘Miss Wheelchair India 2017’.

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Her life got a new dimension when she got her first automated wheelchair after her 10th boards. The happiness she felt was inexpressible. She knew what independence is when she felt independence. With the help of an automated wheelchair, she could go anywhere by herself.

Our Woman of Courage Preeti has always been a fashionista and shopaholic; she was free to go shopping whenever she wished. It made a difference because she didn’t have to stay dependent on anyone to assist and push the wheelchair. “I don’t know about red bull but my wheelchair did give me wings,” she says.

Preeti has always idealised her mother as she brought her children up with her sheer determination against the usual social norms. And she is the one who makes Preeti believe in herself even more because she wants her to go places and make it even larger.

Preeti had a great support system of her parents and her mentor Ashish Kalra. She doesn’t regret anything in life. “I guess regrets are a part of you and evolving nature,” she says.

“What can’t be cured must be endured. Endure the one life you have got,” is her life mantra and she stays up to it. Over the years she has learnt that nothing is more powerful than love.

“Pity, sympathy, rejections are all present in some or the way. The most important thing is that you must love yourself beyond what the world thinks of you,” she says.

Preeti Singh is a Woman of Courage because she doesn’t fear failure and live to do anything and everything if she wants to. She accepts and loves herself the way she is and believes in her talents over and above any disability.

More power to you Preeti! 



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