Read How Parul Kumar Came Out Stronger After A Life-threatening Accident.

17 June 2017

Parul Kumar WOC

The life we live has a definite meaning. If someone had to ask, define your life, what probably would be the reply? We fight within ourselves to give our life a path of wisdom. Whatever we go through, whatever we suffer, everything has an end. And that end is to be drawn. We need to bring it to an end. There will be people around who will help us on our journey but it will be our inner strength that will make all the difference.

Our today’s story is about a woman who overcame her own struggles and difficulties. Meet Parul Kumar whose life completely changed after a major accident and she didn’t give up on life instead with a smile she conquered all her fears.

Eighteen years ago, when her family was travelling, they met with a car-truck accident. Her entire family got severely injured and came under the wheels of a huge truck. All of them were unconscious.

They were taken to a nearby clinic but they were so badly injured that they had to be taken to a hospital with all the best facilities. Parul had multiple injuries and had a broken thigh bone. Parul’s husband had multiple fractures and was incoherent and their little daughter had her right leg thigh bone and calf bones entirely broken and she had also lost her speech.

The family was devastated. For Parul, everything went blank. As if, her life has no meaning left. But she was glad that they were still alive. This incident gave a very different perspective on her life. Parul had no idea where to start from and what to do. She was bedridden for an entire year in which she went through two major surgeries. She had a steel rod fitted in her thigh and an infinite number of screws fitted from her hip to knee.

Ms Kumar had various emotions in her heart. She suffered a huge pain. It was not easy for her. She had her daughter bedridden beside her for the year too. Seeing her, she would feel miserable. For a mother, her child is her world and when the child is in pain, the pain is being felt by the mother.

Parul went under depression lying on the bed in a steady position and looking at the four walls and the roof of the room. At that very time, she would introspect. She would have numerous thoughts in her mind. And then, Parul thought that she should not cry over what has already happened and make her efforts to get back all that she has lost.

She learnt to sit and eventually started teaching small kids painting and drawing on her bed itself. Today, if she looks back at the time, she feels that teaching children were the best decision to stay engaged in some activity and not think much about her miseries.

The accident somehow brought Parul to a state where she actually realised that she had an artist within her.

After eleven months of the accident, the family moved to Bangalore from Faridabad. Parul was on her crutches and then two months after their shift, she learned to walk.

She felt that the accident motivated her in a way and at the same time gave her enough strength and courage to be self-reliant. She later re-learnt driving a two-wheeler and a car being on crutches.

Parul Kumar

The work she was doing made her feel happy. Parul was totally out of the depressed zone and found herself to be independent and financially strong. The artist within her got a way and she continued teaching art.

After a stay of 4-5 years at Bangalore, her husband got an opportunity to work in the USA. She then took training in aerobics in the USA and came back to India. She wanted her mind to be satisfied with whatever she did so she took up aerobics and exercises, yoga, running and jogging, Zumba and soon became a fitness freak.

She is a qualified dietetics in food and nutrition so she had an exact idea of her diet. With correct exercises and accurate diet plans, she didn’t allow negativity to run through her mind. 

Today, she feels lucky for having to be alive. She is alert and active with her actions. She did lose few years from her life where she could do anything she wanted. But she doesn’t regret either.

The accident gave her a new dimension to live life. She found her inner talents and explored her creativity which was unknown to her on the initial grounds. Now, she does solo exhibitions all over India.

Parul Kumar’s passion for life and love for life made her successful today. She works as an aerobic and yoga trainer in MNC. She is a blogger on food, health and fitness. She runs an online weight loss group(Fit & Fab with Parul). With it, she runs her own Art Centre(ParulCraft) where she teaches kids variety of art forms and conducts workshops and classes of macramé, best out of waste, stencilling, paper craft, clay modelling, origami, bead craft, terracotta screens and much more.

Parul firmly believes in the saying, “Where there is will, there is way” if you want to improve your health you can really do it. She plans to just keep growing and stay motivated to achieve everything and anything she desires.

Her motto in life is, “Don’t give up in life. Keep in improving. The urge to do something and to become something keeps you on your toes.” She believes life should be lived happily and smiling without cribbing.

 “Be happy and grateful for what you have and stay positive in your life. Don’t whine, crib, and stay depressed in your life. Instead of negativity controlling you, you take control of your life and strive to improve every day,” she says.

Parul Kumar is a Woman of Courage because she is vigilant, independent and moreover she handled the tough situations. She never gave up and achieved what she wanted to achieve with her firm belief and positivity.



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