This Will Definitely Help You If you Are Trapped In An Overthinking Mind.

13 June 2017


There are times we don’t get our desired results. The common and self-imposed roadblock behind it is thinking too much.

One of the best tips for getting things done is simply to stop thinking and start doing.

This problem of over-thinking things is nothing rare. Everyone does it. And it may be one of the problems that draw people to books and websites on self-help. Even after having read books, we think and plan and think a little more. And as a result, we get lost in thinking.

I’m not saying that thinking is something bad, but overdoing it won’t help either.

Thinking can’t replace action. If we think as much as it is required, we can find some easy way out or get what we want. It doesn’t ask for great efforts, just a peaceful mind and putting your actions into work accurately. If we don’t take any action, we are likely to not get any results. So ultimately what we are getting is not actually what we want and desire. However, thinking and thinking will make us do some unknown action which will give us unexpected unwanted results.

You know deep down that what you really want and need is to take action and get going.

There are chances that you may overcomplicate things. There are hard and difficult times. Once you start over thinking it makes the situation even harder. By over thinking things we make them more and more complicated in our mind. We can turn something very simple into a really complicated and big mess.

A problem here is that when what we are doing is difficult and complicated then we start thinking that it must be important. We derive a sense of importance from making things into big struggles.

Zig Ziglar on Overthinking

We can to some degree control how difficult something will be. Much of our struggle is up there in our head. Just try to let go of the notion of how awfully difficult something is and see what happens. It will give you a relieved feeling. And at the same time will surprise you at how you have been making your life more complicated than it needs to be.

We don’t have to be a rebel that’s going against the world. We can just accept what we choose to do. And that other people choose to do other things.

Over thinking may result us with worse performance. Over thinking things actually over complicate them. We become nervous and start to doubt our own capabilities all the time. It somehow becomes harder to focus on something which we are working on.

All this will make our performance very low. We ourselves wouldn’t be satisfied with our own actions and therefore the results will tend to be worse than expected.

The most important thing is to be aware that we tend to over think and to keep being aware of that in your everyday life. “Don’t over think things. Act!”

Over time it also becomes easier to step out of the loop of thoughts and not get stuck back in it a half an hour later.

Instead of thinking about something for days, tell yourself that you can. Take your précised time and then make a decision.

Be in the present moment, live the presence of things happening around you in that moment. But we humans always have the tendency to regret our past decisions or dream about the awaited future. Why can’t we just let go all the thoughts of past or future and live in present?

We don’t have to think a lot about everything. We can just stay in present and let the right actions naturally arise.

I know, this is sounding a little wonky, but trust me if we do things being in present then we may discover that the results are actually better. If we just roam around in our thinking world, which will never get a pause, our performance will never be up to the mark. Putting in a lot of thoughts will just complicate the present.

We just have to let go of all that thinking that can cripple us and have trust in our capabilities.



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