From Maintaining A Diary Of Favourite Recipes To Running A Successful Food Blog – Story Of Neha Mathur

28 June 2017

Neha Mathur WOC

In a day, we work, we sleep and we eat. Having satisfied our stomach, our body gets energised and so can work the best. Food in our life is essential. We can’t survive without food.

The other thing is trying out various recipes. New food attracts us. And it is but obvious; a different and new taste of flavour gives an essence of satisfaction.

Today, we bring you the story of Ms Neha Mathur who has a good collection of tried and tested recipes which turn out same each and every time and that is what her readers like about her venture WhiskAffair.

Neha used to maintain a diary of her favourite recipes and also some cut-out recipes from magazines. She realised that most recipes out there were never tried and tested and it was left to readers to understand some of the details. So she started to document recipes that she tried in exact proportions.

Neha is glad to have his son picked up cooking as well. She loves watching him make something new every single day. For a mother, it is a great pleasure for having her son taking something like cooking and making various dishes.

To a surprise, Neha never cooked anything in her school days and earlier life, although Neha loved to taste new dishes. Her college was in Lucknow, which is the absolute destination for non-veg lovers.

She stayed at a hostel and would end up eating the food provided in mess, but every weekend she would go for an outing with her friends and try out amazing food in the streets of the beautiful city.

Her venture WhiskAffair is all about food. She wants her venture to be the ultimate one-stop food destination for tried and tested recipes for her readers. She wants to encourage everyone to cook.

Neha wishes to engage the food lover’s community in India with some good recipes and everything around food. The major target audience through her venture is Modern Indian Women who love food and are internet friendly.

Ms Mathur’s venture just like any other venture did face the initial struggle. It is important to maintain the consistency and not look for shortcuts and easy rewards. Neha always plans for the long term and take each day as a stepping stone.

She tries to be consistent every day. Having planned the schedule is one very good quality. And she has her week planned out in advance. To a maximum possible extent, she tries to stick to the schedule. Being regular is extremely important. This way she is able to give time to her family as well as equally balance the work.

The coordination between the professional life and personal life is a great struggle. Balancing and maintaining both the things at the same time makes oneself persistence. And Neha does that with pure dedication.

“When you love what you do, things don’t seem like a challenge. Each day is different and each recipe is different. I love taking it on every day! My family is my stress buster; we usually watch movies and shows together,” says Neha when asked her about stress management and overcoming difficulties.

Yes, it is true, if we love what we do, then there is nothing like stress. Handling and running a venture does bring some workload but that is a normal thing that every person goes through.

Her future plans revolve around making WhiskAffair a one stop platform for all kitchens needs and helping people and encouraging them to love cooking.

Ms Mathur starts her day early, look at analytics from the previous day, and plan the recipes and photo plans for the day for her and the clients with whom she regularly works. Then has a discussion with her social media manager and content writers as and when needed and then get to execution for the day. Her day is busy with all her work but she finds a quality time to be spent with the family.

“Dream Big and work hard to achieve them,” is her life mantra. She works with all her passion and makes best results.

Neha learnt many lessons from her venture. Having a venture teaches you every single day. Working smart with consistency is her biggest learning.

She wants to convey a message to our audience, “Love what you do and be consistent. Don’t copy or imitate others as each one of us is different and have something unique in ourselves.”

Neha Mathur is a Woman of Courage because she dreams big and works hard to fulfil her dreams and turn it into reality.



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