Meet Sindhuja Rajamaran, The World’s Youngest Animator CEO!

15 June 2017

sindhuja rajaraman

Since a kid, we plan our ambition. Some want to become a doctor, some an engineer, everyone wants to become successful. And so we dream, dreams with open eyes seeing us on a remarkable position.

Our today’s story is about a woman who is among the few who have seen their dream come true just within a short time, Sindhuja Rajaraman. She achieved her aspiration when she was just in ninth grade. Studying in Velammal Matricular Higher Secondary School, she participated in making a three-minute animation film in ten hours which was a Guinness record challenge and she nailed it, creating a record in 2010.

She was just fourteen years old when she became a CEO of a company named Seppan which is a Chennai-based animation company. At such a small age when girls play with Barbie girls and other toys, Sindhuja was playing with her animations.

Being just in 9th standard, she was adjusted the fastest 2D and 3D animator by software lobby Nasscom at the Gaming and Animation Conclave 2010 at Hyderabad. With this, she is also a brand envoy of design software major Corel Software.

Today, she is capable of giving a tough competition to some of the top CEOs when it comes to taking business decisions. She is very quick and calculative at the same time when it comes to decision making.

Her father is a cartoonist, and he was the one who instilled in her the passion for doing animation and taught her the entire process. Before entering the profession, she did quite a few animation projects. Her first mini animation project was on ‘do not disturb animals’ when she was just in sixth grade.

Then, the record-breaking animation happened, which fetched her with lots of recognition and gave her the opportunity for working as a chief executive officer by First Planet.

“I did not even know what a CEO meant that time,” she said. And in a short span, she handled three projects – Virtual Street, and First Planet.

“At Seppan, we are a team of 10 people and we will be adding more people as and when the need arises. Though my teammates are older they always take my assistance and, in turn, they guide me. They have taught me what corporate world is and what team management is. In fact, I draw a lower salary than them,” she told ET. She would probably be the only CEO who is paid less than her employees.

On the initial stage of the setup, she was a little uncomfortable being a CEO. And it is but obvious. For a 14-year-old to manage a company and taking difficult decisions is not a game of ease. And today, she confidently meets new people and greets them with professionalism. She chairs meetings attends conferences like a regular CEO though she does not sign any documents.

She has mastered the domestic animation skills. Now she focuses on sharpening her knowledge and skills on international animation market.

She is clear about her goals. She wants to be a social entrepreneur who can employ 100 people before she signs up for an MBA. She wants to study animation at the Vancouver Film School in Canada and business management with the proper degree of education.

Sindhuja Rajaraman is a Woman of Courage because she lived her dream at such a young age. She has a beautiful life out there waiting for her with arms spread happiness.

Team WOC wishes her all goodness and great luck in all her endeavours.

Image: Sindhuja Rajamaran runs Seppan, an animation company.
Photographs: Sreeram Selvaraj



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