How Divyaa Doraiswamy Keeping The Traditional Roots In Place By Teaching Sanskrit Shlokas To Children.

7 June 2017

Divya Doraiswamy

In a country like India, where the cultures and traditions are of huge respect, our ancient learnings are of equal respect. Our Indian mythology has a standardised mark in the world. But, the language Sanskrit has lost its due respect. The shlokas which must be enchanted are not even known to people these days.

Our today’s story is about a woman who dreamt of a Shloka School and today has successfully accomplished her dream of establishing one such school where shlokas are been taught. Divyaa Doraiswamy – a Shlokapreneur, as she calls herself is a master in economics.

Whenever faced by any difficulty, the shlokas gave her the strength to fight back. The deep knowledge of shlokas, in turn, gave her the inspiration to start Gurukulam – The Shloka Learning Centre.

Divyaa started off her school somewhere in October 2014. Initially, she worked with a few children in her apartment. Soon, she found out that a lot of parents were keen to send their children for such classes as it would develop a love and compassion to live life.

Being a true blue Bangalorean, she established her school in Bangalore. Her school is the first of its kind Mobile Shloka School. She provides classes for kids between 4-16 years and teaches them the shlokas. At present, Gurukulam has almost 50 kids as students.

Divyaa teaches the shlokas only in Sanskrit. Though, Sanskrit is a language which is introduced to children much later in academic schools, her emphasis on use of the language is because small kids have spectacular grasping power. She believes that impart every knowledge in the little brains and see them gaining as much as they can.

She does classes in different Apartments, Pre-Schools, Dance-Schools, and Studio Classes for kids with special needs and also provides Skype lessons.

“Prayer time should be a period of joy, devotion and piety and never boredom or force,” she believes and therefore wants to impart this knowledge of shlokas more and more.

Divyaa’s Gurukulam basically aims at keeping the traditional roots in place and has nothing to do with Religion or Spiritualism. Divyaa’s idea behind starting Gurukulam is to keep our future generation i.e. kids abreast of our culture.

As every journey has hardships, she also faced hardships in her initial days of start up. They have reached out to kids across the globe through channels like Facebook, word of mouth and advertisements in small stores/shops/ boutiques/ sweet shops. What started off with 6 children, today boasts itself of teaching almost 50 kids.

There are times when we are engaged in lot many activities, we feel stressful. Divyaa feels the same and so she swims and chants the Hare Krishna Mahamantra which works wonders for her. She gets the strength to overcome all her difficulties.

Since Gurukulam is run only by her, she plans to expand the present number of 50 kids to 100 kids by the end of 2018.

Divyaa’s regular day starts with exercise-swimming or a walk. Then, a good breakfast with family is a must. Without fail, she spends a personal time with God followed by a few sessions with kids online or at different schools. She is a part-time writer too.

To end the day, she spends quality time over dinner with her favourite people in this world, her parents and she wraps up her day with a call with her little star-her niece.

Divyaa is a very happy go lucky person, a theist in every right and an extremely confident young lady in her thirties. She loves visiting temples. And she is a frequent visitor to an old age home helping old parents who have been left to the mercy of the Lord. She believes her life is good. No complaint against god as god is great.

Divyaa personally believes and has quoted herself that, “It takes a big heart to APPRECIATE someone and a SMALL MIND to laugh at someone. You can choose to either have a big heart or a small mind”. This works as her life mantra and obviously, shlokas does the rest.

“When your personal life is a disaster, it’s not the end of the world. When everything seems to be over, the hope to restart your life is difficult but not impossible. It took me 10 longs years to restart my life. So whenever I look back and think that I am a failure, The birth of Gurukulam-The Shloka Learning Centre goes on to prove that always expect the unexpected and failures in life can be successes in no time,” she states.

She shares a message for all the women, “Never ever give up. Life has only good things to offer.”

Divyaa is a Woman of Courage because she transformed her passion into her profession. It seemed like a big challenge to start with but today she is a SUCCESS.



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