Yogita Singh, The Founder Of ‘Cakes Cupcakes And More’ Provides Diabetic Friendly Cakes To Her Clients.

23 May 2017


yogita singh cakes cupcakes and more

Yogita Singh is the founder of ‘Cakes Cupcakes and More‘. She shares her entrepreneurial journey with Women Of Courage. 

A true mother with her true love for his son, Yogita promised herself that she will give her son a safe and happy childhood. She has sacrificed a lot many things to give her son that she desired to give him. She doesn’t have a solid support system at home and so she couldn’t go to the office and ensure her son’s safety at the same time.

It was her own decision to quit the well-paid IT job of 9.5 years and start something of her own which allows her to stay at home and satisfy her creative mind and that’s when she started ‘Cakes Cupcakes and More’. Her son has been her inspiration behind the initiate of her venture.

Yogita started the venture in 2014 when her kid was six months old. She started with taking small orders. She used to bake simple cakes without icing. Then she upgraded her knowledge through YouTube videos, reading a lot of materials online. One day she made her own fondant and then creativity just reached sky high. She learned on her own and with the zeal to intrigue her creativity she started her venture with all her courage.

At Cakes Cupcakes and More, Yogita focuses on using high-quality ingredients and providing a top-notch, least chemical laden and a treat to both eyes and taste buds. She knows the mechanism at bakeries as they use premixes and vegetable shortening in their cakes and pastries which are not advisable to be consumed by kids.

The harmful chemical and preservatives put stress on a person’s liver and kidneys and cause unnecessary health conditions. Yogita keeps every little bit in her mind so that she can give her best to her clients. Her idea is to bake from scratch, using finest quality ingredients and never compromise on quality.

She dreams of opening a little patisserie. A place, which is little warm and cosy where birthdays can be celebrated, loved ones can spend a sweet time, a place for family and friends to have a leisure time, all that by eating her hand baked cakes. Also this year she will be starting a range of organic cakes. Everything used would be of organic in origin. She will expand her range of diabetic friendly cakes and keto bakes so that everyone can enjoy her cakes.

Apart from managing her home and spending time with her kid, her day begins at 6 am, she carries on her workouts, cook all meals, then after her son goes to school at 9 am, she starts on her orders. The base cake is baked a night or day before delivery and all the required fondant decorations are done a night before too. She crumbs to coat the cake with required filling and leave in the fridge. Next day morning, she prepares it for delivery by placing required fondant, etc.

Until now delivery was handled by her husband, but from this year onwards she will be hiring a delivery boy. Sometimes she has to work all night to complete the orders. It keeps her busy the whole day, but she never hesitates because she loves her work.

Yogita is a very positive person. She handles stress by working out. Yoga is her best bet. She believes if you are strong mentally and physically, you have already won the battle. She focuses on her health and diet along with her work.

Spending quality time with her family is her mantra to happiness. She sometimes works 18 hours a day, but that doesn’t stop her from spending an hour daily with her kid at the park.

She strongly believes in, “Only one life – make it worth. Give your 100 percent and success would be yours. And above all, never neglect your health and family.”

Yogita has learned many important lessons from her venture. Firstly, it’s not just a cake, it is someone’s dream. Never ruin someone’s day by baking a bad cake. If you can’t do it, just say NO. Secondly, there is no shortcut to hard work and honesty.

She never takes more than two orders in a day and keeps her maid happy in order to work her day out. Yogita keeps a margin of at least an hour for delivery to tackle everything smoothly. 

Yogita believes, “Bad things happen to good cakes too so always stay ready with a plan B. Never compromise on quality. Never undervalue your hard work and keep learning new techniques.”

The only message she wants to convey to the young girls and entrepreneurs is that never compromise with the quality of the product you deliver.

Yogita is a Woman of Courage because no matter what, she knows that she can overcome any obstacle. She has full faith in her hard work and determination. She knows how to fight her battles and above all she knows how to live her life on her own terms.



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