Meet Yogita Raghuvanshi, The Most Qualified Woman Truck Driver in India!

29 May 2017

Yogita Raghuvanshi

A qualified lawyer with a degree in commerce, Yogita Raghuvanshi preferred the though and risky life on the highways to look after her family, instead of the pittance she would have earned as a beginner in the black robe.

She grew up in Nandurbar in Maharashtra with four siblings. She was married to a Bhopal man who claimed to be a lawyer. She lost her husband 16 years ago and she had to raise her children Yashika and Yashwin single handed.

Yogita took up driving the truck a few years ago. She opted for driving trucks as she learnt that it would fetch her instant wages which she wouldn’t if she would practice law and enter legal profession.

Being a woman, she did come across snide comments. But, ignoring everything she was soon able to challenge the male-dominated field of work.

She is far from the archetypal interstate trucker. Yogita has been crisscrossing the country through all kinds of terrain since 2000. “I certainly am not doing this job because of a resolve to break stereotypes. I am behind this wheel owing to my circumstances. So please don’t make out as if I am from another world,” she told The Hindu.

She has driven a liquor consignment all the way from Bhopal to a Kerala State Beverages Corporation godown. And with it many more such journeys. She has a unique way of dealing with “highway vultures”, who ask for a bribe. She, with her presence of mind and wittiness, manages to deal confidently.

Yogita wants other women to be truck drivers as well. She wants the women to come out of their homes and take a risk by going on the highways.

Yogita raghuvanshi mahindra award

She received Mahindra Transport Excellence Award in 2013 in the form of a high-end Mahindra truck, which she drives over 500km in a day.

Yogita is Woman Of Courage because she is confident and strong, and has been working in a male dominated field, being the most academically qualified truck driver in the country.


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