Staying Independent And Self-sufficient Is Required And Essential For Survival.- Twinkle Sharma

12 May 2017

Twinkle Sharma

Twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder what you are; up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky- Just like that she shines in everyone’s life and is a personality who is idealised by many. With her pretty face, glittering eyes and wittiness, she attracts every mind. An orator, a performer, a dreamer and lover of herself- Twinkle is always enthusiastic and carry herself with grace.

A 21-year-old college girl, who loves speaking and with a great heart wins all the competitions, is a rockstar.  Being a Haryanvi, she loves living her Dabangg and Dhakkad life. Twinkle is outspoken, confident and dedicated.

Her parents never restricted her or her sisters for anything and gave them freedom, priorities and belief. But on the other side of the same coin, they had narrowed thoughts about sending their daughter out of the state for further studies or job.

Meeting new people, new culture and customs, Twinkle has always explored a new her. Deep down her heart, she knows that her native carried her belongingness. The pressure her family faced was a hurdle and probably will stay a hurdle.

She was always a blessed kid being in school and college. Actively participant and stage centred. She usually received attention from everybody.

She met with an accident once, coming to the college and broke her four front teeth, making her look unusual. She also hurt her leg and hand. The carelessness of auto driver, the busy construction road and hurrying for college were the respective factors which led to twinkle’s accident. Luckily, she didn’t loosen up or breakdown. She is always a cheerful girl and imagining her without teeth is unimaginable.

She was admitted to hospital and stayed unconscious for a while. After the regular medication and happy family and friends support, she stood align and got her teeth fixed through a dentist. She believes in never giving up even if it seems to be difficult.

“Facing the hardest times and reacting positively to every situation gives you a hope of betterment.” Says Twinkle.

Twinkle feels that her mother has always played the role of an inspirational figure. At the same time, her father is her constant source of motivation. She always learnt from her father to be bold and take on own decisions with respect and courage.

The strength and courage to face and conquer any challenge and believing in own potentialities is what she believes.

“I believe staying independent and self-sufficient is required and essential for survival.”

She uses her speaking skills very well by teaching students and generates an income. She has always been a helpful human. Even in a state of hospitalisation, she helped a friend with her speech for Elocution Competition.

Twinkle is the charming face with cherishing smile. She wants to fly and reach all her dreams with all her confidence and spirit.

Twinkle is a Woman of Courage as she is determined to do something great in the world and surely can achieve with her willpower and strength.



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