Swati Paliwal’s CrescendoSPeak Helps People To Grow Their Business Using Social Media

12 May 2017


Swati Paliwal

Our Woman of Courage, Swati Paliwal is a founder of social media campaign platform – CrescnedoSPeak. CrescendoSPeak helps you build a crescendo for your cause/business/campaign; basically, anything that you truly believe in.

Read Swati’s inspiring entrepreneurial story and get inspired.

Having had a pretty orthodox upbringing and belonging to a middle-class family, Swati acquired the best of education. Her father is in government services and had a transferable job and so the family frequently shifted the base and have resided in cities like Lucknow, Delhi and Mumbai. Her mother always arranged to provide her and her sister with the best resources.

This experience of living in different cities came with its own blessings and curses. Whenever her father got a transfer, Swati and her family had to adjust to a completely different environment.

Having done her schooling in a pretty diverse set of an environment from an all girls’ convent school to a public school, Swati got an exposure to vivid cultures. Later, she got her Physics Honors degree from DU on scholarship. Post that, she did her MBA from SCMHRD in Marketing.

In the year 2013, Swati was working in Flipkart where she became fascinated with the field of digital marketing. She left Flipkart in 2014 to marry her partner. However, he was living in Ludhiana, a city with no corporate job opportunities. When she shifted to Ludhiana she didn’t have any career prospects, so she charted her own path.

She did a certified course from Digital Vidya in digital marketing and studied the various facets of the domain. Digital marketing is still pretty nascent in India and Swati wanted to learn as much as she could. After that, she started freelancing for start-ups and corporate. During her journey as a freelance professional, she realised that the organic reach of posts on social media is very less.

It is dominated by sponsored posts, fake followers and heavy influencers. There had to be a way where we could tap into the network of people all around us and give reach to our content. She did her research and this thought became the inspiration behind CrescendoSPeak.

CrescnedoSPeak is a social media campaign platform where individually made campaigns launch a specific and unique message from the Facebook/Twitter accounts of large numbers of individuals on the same date and time to create a viral and trending effect. It leverages one’s own network of people to increase the reach of their content.

When we asked about her future plans Swati says,

“The dream is to make CresecndoSPeak the go-to platform for any social media branding and advertising effort. Be it the small scale start-ups or personal content. If we want to have our content out there, we have to do a CrescendoSPeak campaign.”

She has also started a community in her current city, i.e. Ludhiana, which connects the professional women of the city and helps and empowers them to make strides in their careers. There isn’t a lot of professional help available in small cities for female entrepreneurs. She also advises a couple of local start-ups.

“My typical day starts with me getting up and doing my Yoga. After that, it’s all-hands-on-deck. I have a weekly and a daily schedule that I try to adhere to but by the middle of the day it usually goes for a toss.” shares Swati.

Swati is indeed a very milestone driven person so she usually ends up finishing her work in the self-allotted time.

“I have a pretty supportive family structure. My main pillar of strength is my husband with whom I share both my personal and professional struggles. He is also an MBA graduate from MDI and is my partner in CrescendoSPeak. My in-laws are pretty supportive of my profession and frequently contribute to its advance. My sister saloni is my constant source of strength providing me unwavering support through thick and thin. Basically, it’s my entire network of friends and family that I have been blessed with.” replied Swati when she was asked about her methods of overcoming challenges.

Our woman of courage Swati firmly believes in Karma: ‘What goes around comes around’. She always remembers this line when she is at a crossroad to take a decision in her both professional and personal life. Her husband believes, never regret the road not travelled which Swati tries and imbibes too.

Swati says that she has learned a lot from life.

“Can’t take anything granted in life. Things change and it is very important to have a support structure in terms of family and friends. Keep your values intact while you pursue your goals. Keep your eyes on the sky and your feet to the ground.”

Like for CrescendoSPeak, Swati and her partner both focuses on product development and getting traction and not just running after investors and pursuit of easy money.

She always concentrates on her goal. She knows where she wants to go and who she wants to be. So, when hard times come, she does stay down for a bit. However, she knows that she doesn’t have the luxury to put down her camp there. If you need to reach the goal, you need to get up and start walking again. There is just no other way or shortcut to that.

She conveys her message, “Charter your own path. More than thinking what you can do, try and find what you love doing and pursue that. And for girls, I’d especially ask them to be very cautious in making the life decisions of choosing their partner and their future families, because that can become a big unwanted and unavoidable hindrance, but if it is right, then it can be the biggest asset that you can have.”

She further adds, “However, regardless of that there is no excuse for not fighting for what you want. Just decide where you want to go and start walking towards it. Day by day, inch by inch, you will get closer.”

Swati is a Woman of Courage because she takes decisions that shape her life and of those around her. And she owns them. These are her decisions that have got her here and it will be her decisions that bring her success. She has the courage to choose and fight to make those choices mean something.



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