Now Every Woman Can Travel Solo And Make New Friends With Sumitra Senapaty’s WOW Club – Women on Wanderlust

29 May 2017


Sumitra Senapaty

Sumitra Senapaty, known as a women’s travel expert, has logged thousands of miles around the world as a wanderer, culminating with the creation of the WOW Club travel platform for women twelve years ago.

We bring you an amazing story of Sumitra Senapaty and her Venture WOW Club.

 Sumitra has always been a Wanderer at heart, right from the time she was born until now. Having studied and stayed in a number of cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata, she got an exposure of life and a way to deal with the norms of society and that of cultures.

The women of India inspired her and continue to inspire her every day, and that was when she decided to start WOW Club (wow- Women on Wanderlust).  She felt that there was a vacuum to be filled for all women travel. And she tries and does her best for the women.

WOW Club is a single window travel platform for women since 2005. It is a pioneering effort that Sumitra started a dozen years ago. They offer trips related to adventure, outdoors, sightseeing, historical, nature, cruises, train journeys and more. They even offer the wellness trips and short weekend reunions.

WOW Club has developed into an alternate social community for women. They look forward to meeting old friends and new on WOW trips. They go solo on a trip, not knowing anybody, but return from the trip with friends for life. 

WOW Club has indeed made a huge difference to women; they have come a long way in 12 years, earlier women more often than not, needed to ask permission of their families to travel. Today they are empowered to do all that themselves.

Her only initial struggle in setting up WOW Club was to let women know that there was a platform for them.  Since she did not have the money to splurge on advertising, she had to be patient and depend on word of mouth publicity. This took some time, but the media helped immensely in her growth. The audiences were not aware of something of this sort on earlier grounds. However, Sumitra found her way and has given the women a platform to the exposure.

Sumitra just loves her work and when you do something you love, there is nothing known as stress. For her stress management has never been a question to be answered. Though she faces difficulties and challenges, which she faces high headed and overcomes it with all her positive aspirations.

She dreams of a day when they can reach a greater number of trips in a year. When women of all nationalities can travel together fearlessly and with joy, is all that she desires in near future. All her future goals are destined towards her growth with WOW Club.

Sumitra travels six to eight times in a year, places ranging from Japan, Dudhwa, Tibet, Europe, and Africa to New Zealand and more. She personally likes to discover new destinations and the Wanderers love to accompany her on the Signature trips – This year, the Azores, Corsica and the Trans-Siberian Rail journey, early next year they are off to Antarctica,  followed by Cuba, Columbia and the Amazon rainforests.

Her life mantra is, “Be Bold & Energetic & Honest.”

Over the years she has learned that women are the driving force today. They are no more in shackles of the society and can achieve everything they want.  Sumitra wishes to convey a message to all the women out there, “Believe in you. Keep the faith. Life is long and you decide your destiny.”

Sumitra is a Woman of Courage because she is bold and seek adventure. She loves off the beat track and works hard so that more like minded women can be a part of the WOW Community.

Women Of Courage wishes Sumitra a great luck in continuing empowering the women and giving them a way to life.  



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