Victim Of Medical Negligence Sandhya Turned Her Pain Into Power And Founded ‘Masala Popsicles’

11 May 2017

Sandhya Vaidyanathan

Being born and brought up in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, our Woman of Courage, Sandhya Vaidyanathan like every other child brought up in the Middle East had a much-protected upbringing. She is a victim of medical negligence and Founder of ‘Masala Popsicles’.

Read how she turned her pain into power.

Sandhya Vaidyanathan belongs to a Keralite (Iyer) family. Her parents moved to the UAE, in the late seventies. Although born and bred in a foreign land, they raised her and her sister, with a good mix of modern and traditional beliefs.

Moving to India after marriage and settled in Bangalore, Sandhya started masala Popsicles in 2011. She started her venture ‘Masala Popsicles’ as she loved to paint from a very young age and she also felt that not many artists were customising for their clients. There were things available in the market, but none that was made to order, or to suit the interiors and tastes of the customers. She decided to start something where one could get a piece of art made, according to their choices and preferences.

Both Sandhya and her husband Vinod, being very fond of children decided to start a family at the earliest. During this journey, Sandhya had to face some unfortunate experiences of severe medical negligence, at a very reputed maternity and birthing hospital. The doctor left a piece of gauze inside her during the procedure, which she pulled out 11 days later. This caused her to have a series of infections, multiple surgeries and loss of reproductive organs. This almost cost her life, not once but twice.

In 2015, a precious pregnancy turned awry, which resulted in the loss of their twins. Sandhya again almost lost her life during a difficult labour and was in the ICU on life support. Having hit rock bottom, on her physical health condition coupled with the trauma and pain of losing a child, she pulled herself together to come out determined and strong. Ever smiling and always ready to reach out to people with a helping hand and life again for Sandhya had to be nothing short of happiness and love.

Her husband, Vinod stood by her like a rock during every difficult time. Sandhya has been very strong mentally through all her trials. However, there are days when she breaks down, thinking of what has happened to her, but Sandhya reminds herself to be strong for the sake of her husband.

She started to focus again on Masala Popsicles which has brought her joy and helped her cope with depression and grief.

 “The only thing that kept me motivated was the thought that maybe everything happens for a reason.I believe that the best is yet to come and there definitely is a rainbow/silver lining at the end of this journey… I have yet to experience my silver lining, but one needs to keep smiling and move on. Good things will always happen to good people replied Sandhya when she was asked about her source of motivation.

Sandhya says that she overcomes stress and difficulties by talking about her experiences with other women and feels that by sharing her experiences, she understands that she is not alone. Her knowledge and positivity have helped other women deal with their adversities and come out strong.

When you share your story, you come to know that there are so many women that have been through worst situations and are standing strong and tall.” says Sandhya.

Art has been an amazing healer, says Sandhya. She feels people who deal with depression or grief must channelize the pain and use a medium to express their sorrow. She says it’s a far healthier option and ensures that one doesn’t self -destruct.

“Masala Popsicles is my baby. It keeps me happy and fulfilled. I love the interaction I have with customers on a daily basis or the joy in their voice and emails when they receive their products. Masala Popsicles is pure happiness. It’s colourful, beautiful, customised products that are one of a kind and each product is different from the other.”

Mrs Vaidyanathan has made more than 200 name boards, portraits and other home decor products, not one is similar or identical to the other. So what she gives the customer is the only piece in the world, made only for them.

When we asked Sandhya about her future plans, she says that she doesn’t have any dreams to expand or mass manufacture, she loves that her business is small and personalised. She loves that she has the flexibility to create at her own pace and time.

Her philosophy in life is, “The tragedy of life is not death, but what we let die inside us when we are still alive.” What she has learned from these experiences is that she needs to live life more vicariously, laugh more, make more memories and stop cribbing. She further adds that if you have two meals a day, a roof over your head and clothes to wear, you are better off than 60% of the world’s population. Sandhya has now learned to love herself, the body she came in and the brain and heart she has been gifted.

Her life mantra is:

“You have to love and inspire yourself every single day. Women also need to uplift other women and be each other’s strengths. We have to help each other, support one another and help someone else achieve their dreams.”

Sandhya is really a Woman of Courage because she took all her adversities and made it into her strengths. She’s learned to smile, lift herself and move forward with positivity, despite going through so many hardships, loss turmoil and pain.



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