Now You Can Play Your Favourite Childhood Game Dumb Charades Online. Thanks To Samrudhdi Suresh

13 May 2017

 Samrudhdi Suresh

Today our Woman of Courage is Samrudhdi Suresh. She has developed an app called Sahi Pakade Hai.  The meaning is “you guessed it right”. Samrudhdi is a civil engineer and currently lives in Chicago and works on building products at one of the fastest growing start-up Uptake in the US.

Women of Courage present to you the story of Samrudhdi Suresh.

Growing up in a joint family, Samrudhdi had a childhood which was full of people. She has fond memories of her childhood with her sister and cousins playing silly games and running around the big yard and was known to be a talkative and cheerful kid.

After her engineering in India, she went to the US for her Masters and later completed her MBA from IESE Business School, Barcelona Spain.

As a kid, dumb charades was an integral part of us growing up, so was hers. It was a way to have guaranteed fun with no props; no planning. While playing games at house parties with friends in the United States using different mobile apps, Samrudhdi would always feel that an app for dumb charades would be such a cool idea.  

After doing some research, she found some really good charades app in the market, but nothing that catered to the Indian crowd. She was really excited about the idea and so discussed it with a few close friends and later found a team through her network and jumped right into it.

In March 2016 Samrudhdi started working on this project with her team and the app was released on Google App Store in May 2016. Their team was very efficient and they quickly turned around the concept to the actual product within three months. They started receiving several requests from iOS users, and they released the iOS version in April 2017. 

Talking about the app Samrudhdi says,

“It’s the easiest way to play Dumb Charades using a mobile app. The app is called “Sahi Pakde Hai” meaning “You guessed it right”.   It has built-in categories of movies, actors/actresses, Songs, Kids Zone, Khan Paan etc. Once a player selects a category, words appear on the screen. The player places the phone on his/her forehead while the other player acts/describes the word that is displayed. The goal is to guess as many words right as possible within 60 seconds.”

The target audience for the app is a group of two or more people hanging out, at house parties, get-togethers. Most users are in the age group of 16-35. Currently, Samrudhdi has around 47,000 users and she is getting 8-10 thousand new users every month. The app is highly rated (4.2+) on the play store with a lot of good reviews and feedback from the users.

For Samrudhdi, user insights and feedback have been very helpful in deciding the next steps. In the next months, she wants to work on improving her user retention and also wants to work on marketing the app so that she can increase her user base.  She dreams to make products which are enjoyable for the users and brings them closer and together.

Samrudhdi usually has rushed mornings and on good days she manages to eat some breakfast before leaving. Workdays are pretty busy with meetings and deadlines. However, she tries her best to keep a good balance by working out a few times a week after work.

She tries to live in the moment and make the most of it. She also tries to resolve things instantly and doesn’t carry the stress for too long. She believes in making quick changes and resolving the issues that are in her control. She feels that it’s important to acknowledge the things that are not under her control and then gracefully accept it and move on.

Samrudhdi usually tends to forget her worries when she is with her closest friends. She also enjoys sports and trying out different workout classes at the gym. She says that she loves dancing, and she has been doing a hip- hop cardio dance class these days which instantly takes her to a happier world.

She is generally a positive and optimistic person. However, there are definitely times where she feels low and stuck in an endless rut. In tough times, she tells herself that this time is a temporary phase and should get over soon.

“Live and Let Live” that’s what Samrudhdi strongly believes in. Having lived in several countries and with diverse groups of people, she feels that no way is right or wrong. People have their beliefs and ways of life. She loves living her own way, making her own choices and decisions and she feels that people should respect each other’s choices and differences. 

“Determination, hard work and confidence will help you achieve your dreams and take you far in life. Women often underestimate themselves, and we as a community should empower each other and be confident in ourselves”, she wishes to convey.

Samrudhdi is a Woman of Courage because she follows her heart and if she longs for something, she takes steps towards it, however small they may be.



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