Samara Mahindra’s CARER Program Gives Cancer Patients The Right Healing Modalities To Fight Cancer And Live A Quality Life After.

21 May 2017

Samara Mahindra Carer program

We live in a world in which cancer is immediately associated to the ‘end of the road’, but nothing could be further from the truth. Samara Mahindra, the founder of CARER Program is on the mission to give an extended support system as a comprehensive healing program. At CARER Program, they give the time, energy and most importantly the right healing modalities to make sure a person not only fight cancer but live a quality and meaningful life after. 

Women Of Courage brings the amazingly inspiring story of Samara Mahindra and her venture CARER Program.

Having lived most of the life outside India, Samara did both her bachelors and masters in Australia after which she moved to Singapore and later to the US. Samara has lived a childhood which equalises to a perfect one.

Being brought up by a single parent, she always idolised her mother as she was more or less the epitome of grace and dominance. Her mother inculcated many notions and morals into her upbringing which has now definitely shaped the woman she has become today.

Since childhood, Samara had the curiosity in health and well-being but the true inspiration to start CARER Program rose solely from witnessing her mother battling cancer for over six years and eventually losing the fight at the end.

The inception of CARER began around two years ago in the year 2015. However, there was a long path leading up to it. Samara moved to the US to dive into the realm of health and fitness, and learn medicine from scratch. She was then credited as a Cancer Exercise Specialist, Breast Cancer Recovery Trainer, Holistic Health Coach and Holistic Cancer Coach.

She was exposed to the world of Integrative Medicine and realised that India and countries alike don’t have anything like it. She then decided to move back and understand health care in India through Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai. The extreme lack of these services made her decide to bring CARER Program to the forefront of healthcare, providing integrative and holistic cancer therapies for the first time in India.

The CARER Program provides holistic therapies in the homes of every cancer patient. It focuses on healing body, mind and soul of an individual and therefore every service is personalised. Working in conjunction with mainstream treatment, which focuses on the surface and symptomatic levels of the problem, CARER dives deep into the root cause.

CARER therapies include; personalised diet and nutrition, CARER Coaching and Support for patients and family members/caregivers, Yoga Therapy for Cancer and Meditation.

The CARER therapies are given and laid down by Samara and team results in the following:

–    Managing side-effects of treatment better

–    Increasing the effectiveness of treatment

–    Building immunity

–    Treating and healing the patient as a “whole”

–    Working towards decreasing risks of relapse

–    Managing mental and emotional disturbances

–    Gaining physical strength

–    Creating a supportive environment for patients and caregivers

–    Healing and rehabilitating those going through treatment and post-treatment

–    Weaning patients of medical care into a healthier lifestyle

Samara and her team are working with clients (they don’t call them patients) around the country, where they have now become almost like an extension of their families. All their specialists have created a bond with each one of their clients and work towards healing them for at least six months at a time.

These are still early days for them; they have officially launched the CARER Program in September 2016 and have evolved tremendously from then. Being a home healthcare company and only working with highly credible cancer specialists, the procurement of such high-quality professionals was a task which they accomplished quite well. However today CARER is training its own internal team, so quality healthcare can be ensured amongst everyone.

Samara has a rock solid support system through her family and a few selected friends. She also has an incredible CARER team that keeps the vision alive in times of stress and difficulties. She is trying to indulge in self-care more regularly these days, through meditation and living a healthy balanced life. She is accomplishing various aspects of her own life and still urges to go forth in order to achieve all she desires.

Her dream is big. She sees her CARER Program as the leading global home healthcare company that provides holistic therapies for cancer. Samara wishes to create the awareness amongst people and treat them with all good facilities and warmness that the patient feels at home and recovers soon.

Currently, her regular day revolves around coaching clients and caregivers, meetings with oncologists, hospitals, making decisions, building a world-class team, establishing a strong foundation and building a wide base of high-quality CARER specialists. She lives between Mumbai and Bangalore, spending one week in each city. It seems like a heavy task for her, but she does it for her clients with the hope and wishes to see them cured very soon.

“Keep moving”, this is what Samara believes. She wants to simply grow and expand her vision. Even if she is engulfed in any hardship, she prefers moving and going on rather than quitting.

On asking her what great lesson she has learned from CARER Program, she only had to say that, “Absolutely anything is possible. It’s all in your hands.”

Samara wants to convey a message to all the Cancer patients,

“Cancer is a six letter word that has been given the most false and distorted perception. Cancer is nothing but a symptom of a sick body that can be very well managed with the right measures.”

Samara is a Woman of Courage because she turned her greatest fear into her passion. She has not just conquered her fear but also gave it a way through which others can make their lives better.



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