From Developing A Website To Branding Campaigns, Riddhi Gathani’s ‘DeeGee Studio’ Does It All!

17 May 2017

Riddhi Gathani

Our Woman Of Courage Riddhi Gathani is a Founder of DeeGee Studio. At DeeGee Studio, they create brand and communication ideas that cut through the noise. 

Woman Of Courage brings you an inspiring entrepreneurial journey of Riddhi Gathani.

Being born and brought up in the city which doesn’t sleep and where dreams turn into reality- Mumbai, Riddhi is the eldest daughter in the joint family. Since her childhood, she was told by her mother that she has to be financially independent and learn to earn her own pocket money. That is how the urge and the need to do something herself took birth. 

Riddhi always lived in a joint family before marriage where her father is a businessman and mother a house maker. Riddhi is happily married for four years and lives with her in-laws and husband. Recently two months back they shifted to Bangalore as her husband, Mr Deep Gathani received a wonderful career opportunity.

Riddhi did her graduation in BMS (Bachelors in Management Studies) from Mithibai College and Masters from Shah & Anchor College in MMS (Masters in Management Studies) with specialisation in marketing.

Riddhi always noticed the pros of business and returns since childhood and all after the wedding from both her father and father-in-law. The business insect was always bubbling inside her but the infinite support of her husband, who believed in her and her capabilities, helped her take the step to start “DeeGee Studio”.

She very well understood that the ever-growing competitive market needs continuous marketing to be at the top recall of the customer. To explore this opportunity, a business like DeeGee where they cater to the designing of marketing collaterals fits the best. Considering the market scenario, Riddhi chose this industry as her career.

Her husband had already begun this business, later post their wedding he got busy with his job and encouraged her to take it over and give it a new face. Then, she started building her clientele on the basis of her experience and work and it is where they see it today. Riddhi took over her husband’s already established business but turned it around in her way that she found comfortable working in.

It has been more than seven years to the company where they cater to all kinds of designing requirements, website development and Audio Visuals development. Their forte is designing and delivering above expectations to their clients. They also have expanded their business and now cater to digital marketing requirements. Their clients range from start-ups to well-established firms. Riddhi makes sure that none of the clients gets disappointed with the services her company provides.

On asking Riddhi about her future plans she said that it’s necessary to have dreams and wishes to see you in the next place to keep moving forward. Their dream is to go international and bag clients/ work overseas now. The company plans for some exposure all over the world.

Back in Mumbai, it used to be about listing down start-ups, companies that are coming with new campaigns and start approaching them, coordinating with existing clients, monitoring internal work and deadlines. This was the routine schedule which used to be in sequence. Now, they are looking to set up a base in Bangalore and look for new clients in there.

“Being a woman along with a career brings in the responsibility of the family and house. So that does lead to stress sometimes. However, the best way to stress management is to think of the best times and success stories that we have achieved. This makes us believe that we can face any difficulty and emerge with flying colours”, says Riddhi.

For Riddhi, the targets that they have set for themselves, the dreams that they wish to achieve and make a remarkable difference in their life and prove what a woman can do keeps the motivation high. She believes in staying motivated all the time so that she can do her work in properly synchronised manner.

Her life mantra is, “Embrace the glorious adventure called life and make sure you live it the way you always dreamt about it.”

She believes in keeping her morale high as in business there is going to be ups and downs. “Certain business ethics/policies should not be bent for anyone. This will always help in the long run. However big or small your company is, just make rules and follow them”, she believes.

She wants the young girls out there to recognise what their capabilities lie in, and pursue their dreams. If you believe in yourself and prove it, the world will rejoice your success.

Riddhi is a Woman of Courage because through each circumstance she has proved herself and not let anyone question her career path. She lives by her dreams and believes in her instincts.



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