Rekha Mishra, The RPF Officer Has Rescued 434 Runaway Children

4 May 2017

Rekha Mishra

Sincere and dedicated Rekha Mishra, the Railway Cop saved 434 runaway children in one year. She single handed rescued these children who are basically from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar and in the age group of 13 to 16.

Rekha is also an athlete. She has taken part in a lot of state-level events representing her department. She has also worked on other cases where she has busted ticket scams. Her seniors think she is the best they have and are in the process of recommending her for awards.

Out of 1150 children that the Railway Police saved, Rekha’s contribution came as a monumental achievement. She is posted at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) Railway Station where she already rescued more than 100 children since the beginning of this year.

She figures out who needs to be rescued very minutely. She said the kids who are running away mostly get down at the last stop and she being posted there, keeps a vigilant eye on children who seem to be vulnerable, and are looking for someone to assist them.

Rekha does a lot more than just looking out for such kids. She thinks it is essential and equally important to follow up on leads and work on calls she receives from her fellow officers.

Rekha believes that her posting at CST makes a difference and has a huge contribution in her being able to save these young fellows. The children who are lost, or don’t know their way around, or are troubled, they all get down at the last stop.

She hails from Ahmedabad and belongs to a family full of Army men. She was always taught to look out for children and the elderly. Rekha works with a team of people who are trained to take care of these runaway children keeping their best interests in mind.

The rescued children go under few medical tests, followed by filling up the documents and are further investigated to try to find out their home and parents. Out of the 434 children she rescued, only 28 kids’ parents could be traced. The remaining kids were handed over to the Child Welfare Committee. Rekha says that these children are not criminals; rather they are victims who need someone to protect them. And she is the one who gives them that protection and makes them feel safe.

Rekha is purely enthusiastic and comes to duty early in the mornings and covers up to 12 hours of a shift. She shows sensitivity towards the kids because they learn to trust her. Some children may have simply run away from their home, some may have been sexually abused; some don’t even want to return home. So, she proceeds cautiously keeping all the possible factors in her mind.

The number of children they find stranded is expected to increase because of the upcoming holidays. At times, Rekha just stays with the rescued kids at the station until due action can be taken because she feels they are her responsibility.

Rekha is Woman of Courage because she is sincere and passionately dedicated towards her work and duty which as a result has turned up as a helping hand for those in need.

Image Source: The Hindu



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