Natasha and Jillian Teach Children The Basic Concepts Of Theatre In A Creative Manner. – ‘Play In The Park’

17 May 2017

Natsaha & Jillian

This is a story about two women who are the founders of “Play in the Park”.

Being grown up in a nuclear family, Natasha was raised between India and the Middle East. Her husband’s work brought the family back to India. The couple is blessed with two adorable sons who keep them very busy and on their toes.

And Jillian grew up in a nuclear family as well but in the USA. Both her parents worked when she was growing up. She has lived in India as long as she has been married. It’s eight years now and the couple lived four of those years in a joint family of her husband. They have been in Delhi and they are proud parents of an incredible four-year-old.

Natasha & Jillian met at their children’s preschool four years ago. Their passion about theatre brought them together to start such a venture and each has a background in the performing arts. The inspiration to start “Play in the Park” originated from their passion to introduce Theatrical Arts to young children with a unique program that combines theatre, craft, and play.

Being parents they are constantly scouting the market for activities for their kids but they couldn’t find any “theatre” based program that catered to young children in a fun and imaginative way. Also, they wanted to develop a concept that could be implemented “outdoors” as they find that young children spend too much time “indoors” these days and under the influence of digital media, which is overwhelming.

Their concept was born in May 2016 although Jill had been running workshops prior to that. Play in the Park is the perfect activity for kids in many ways. It gets them outdoors and away from gadgets and kicks their imagination into high gear. Children aged 4-8 years can put their creative hats on and spend the hour on crafts, games and theatre arts. They are introduced to the basic concepts of theatre at a young age, and in a creative manner.

They will be launching their toddler program later this year and are also reaching out to schools in the city to deliver their program. Their future plans include all the possible ways they can make their vision turn up in a huge audience. They would love to expand their program to other cities; outside of New Delhi and perhaps have their very own performing arts centre one day that combines the core values of “Play in the Park”.

Initially, Natasha and Jillian had to face many challenges. One of them was to convince the parents to send their kids to an unconventional setting for a theatre class. A park is not a usual venue for classes, particularly in a city like Delhi where there are so many activity centres mushrooming in just about every corner. Gradually people have seen the quality that they offer and there is a growing appreciation for the programme they deliver. Of course, they do move indoors when the weather is inhospitable. They do take care of every little thing when it comes to children’s safety.

For Natasha, each day brings in new hopes and challenges. It’s hard balancing work and family but Natasha has a very supportive spouse and household that has supported her to achieve her dreams. While for Jillian it’s hard to talk about daily routine as the rhythm changes day to day.

On asking both of them individually about their life mantra belief, Natasha said she believes in not waiting for extraordinary opportunities instead, seizing common occasions and making them great. While Jillian believes in doing things that make her happy for happy’s sake.

A message they want to convey,

Jillian:Do what makes you happy. Life is too short otherwise!”

Natasha:Go for Gold! Take your chances and don’t be afraid to walk into unchartered territory.”

Both Natasha & Jillian are happy and love what they do which makes them Women Of Courage. They know what it is like to be happy and that they have to work for it and stand their ground for it. They will always do what they love because they are not going to let life slip by without a smile on their face. They have always found their calling and do not let their circumstances get the better of them. They work hard to turn their dreams into reality making them Women Of Courage.

Women Of Courage wishes Natasha & Jillian a great luck in all their present and future endeavours.



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