From Homemaker To Entrepreneur: Nanditha Offers You Exclusive Handmade & Customised Gift Items.

10 May 2017

Nanditha Sandeep

Our Woman of Courage Nanditha is a founder of “Love Customized by Nanditha”, where she offers exclusive handmade and customised home decor and gift items.

“Since childhood, crafting is something that came out to be best in my hands. My ideas were unique and cute.”

Born in 1987 in Mysore to a family who had the business of stationary and printing press, Nanditha started taking stuff from the store and make craft things for school projects. She did her schooling in Rotary, Pre-University in Sadvidya and graduation in business management in SDM, which led Nanditha to be an entrepreneur!

At the age of six only, crafting came to her life. Being the second child, she was pampered by parents and elder sister to take stuff whatever she wishes to.

“My friends, family, cousins saw my work and asked me why don’t I turn my passion into the profession. Then I came up with this Love Customized By Nanditha. Facebook is the best platform to connect people across the globe and hence took a step ahead.” Shares Nanditha

Love customized by Nanditha, as the name says it’s mainly to fetch the gifting options exclusively with customized needs. As customized stuff has more love and shows it’s dedicated solely to them.

Started in 2012, Nanditha created her Facebook page and started marketing with the works she had done. People started liking her work and followed her page. Orders started pooling in. Today ‘Love Customized by Nanditha’ has 3,844 followers on Facebook.

Initially, Nanditha was making things in fewer quantities, but clients started enquiring for more gifts. So, then she went on to bulk orders.

“My passions lead me to my career which gives me immense pleasure to do things for people and happier when I see client’s feedbacks.”

Now that people liked her work, she is planning to expand as a tie up with companies. Nanditha’s dream is to achieve big. Make more people know about her page so that they can get customized gifts too.

“My day is a balance between being homemaker and an entrepreneur. Unlike other work, my work gives me total freedom to do things irrespective of time. I do the routine work and then start making for orders.”

When we asked Nanditha about stress at work, she says,

“There’s not much stress in this work, I just need to make sure the product is delivered to the client on the promised date. I calculate the time required and then only specify it to the client. At times, it will be a physical strain, but that will not stop me.”

Nanditha’s work motivates her a lot by reminding the client’s feedback. She always likes to hear from them and see a smile on their face.

“My life’s mantra is to love what you do or do what you love. I choose what I like to do and that keeps me on the bright side. Starting Love customized is a life changing moment for me. From being homemaker, I was recognised as an entrepreneur. Having an income of your own is a nice feeling.” adds Nanditha.

Nanditha feels that the positive time started when she did 1,000 paintings of lord Ganesh and did a frock for her daughter made of 1000 dairy milk wrappers, which is a Limca record for 2012 and this led to be an inspiration to have her own start up.

 She says that she has learned a lot from her venture Love customized. She has learned to be punctual, unique and positive.

Nanditha conveys message to all the budding entrepreneurs,

“Come up with something unique and the world will like it. This is what made me have clients throughout India and my work has been taken to the US too.”

“I am a woman of courage because I am successful and being loved for my work. Overcoming all hurdles of competition, I kept myself going!

-Nanditha Sandeep

Women Of Courage wishes Nanditha all the very best for each and every one of her future endeavours!



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