Mohena Ahluwalia, The Founder Of ‘Once Upon A Cake’ Wants To Open Her Cake Studios In Every Corner Of The City.

19 May 2017

Mohena Ahluwalia

Mohena Ahluwalia is the founder of ‘Once Upon A Cake‘. Here they provide mesmerising cakes, customised cookies, cupcakes, choux pastry, designer cakes, cheese and mousse cake. Mohena’s story on becoming a baker is nothing less than being in a Fantasyland.

Women Of Courage brings you Mohena Ahluwalia’s entrepreneurial journey. 

Being born in a Punjabi family, Mohena believes they are born to eat food and they are alive only for food. In her family, her mother is constantly working on making their daily food better each day and so it was somehow easy for Mohena to choose a field where food was involved.

Her mother was a very artistic person and she, on the other hand, was never into creativity. But, now when she looks at her work, she thinks that maybe some of her creativity has been inherited from her mother.

Punjabi Business families are challenging when it comes to their family business. So, when she told her father that she plans to start her own venture and leave the family business, he was extremely upset. It was obvious, he would be. But, when he looks at what Mohena has achieved today, he’s extremely proud of where things have got her.

For most people education is straightforward and they know what they want. But, for Mohena it was not. She knew she did not want to become a Commerce Graduate, but she also did not know what she wanted at that point in time. So, we can say that by fluke or by chance she ended doing Bachelors in Foreign Trade. It helps, but for her, it’s better than Commerce.

Further, she knew what she wanted; she was sure wanted to do Retail Management. And so she completed her Master’s in Retail Management from Monash University, Australia.

The birth of the brand, “Once upon a Cake” was just from a mere idea of instinct. Mohena initially wanted to impress someone. And so, she bought a cake from the market and told the person that she had baked it. The person loved the cake. It gave her confidence and she started thinking, why not should it be done for real? That’s how she started baking and reached where she is today.

Every day is a new and a busy day for Mohena. Each day she gets different orders and every cake is unique. Apart from that, she is also busy in taking workshops and classes on the regular basis.

With the brand “Once upon a Cake”, she looks at a future with various cake studios open in every corner of the city and some of them in remote areas. She plans to have her brand reach height, which she means literally like, you go to some hilly areas and you should find her café over there, some small, yet chic place.

Having your own business is not easy, it takes a lot of effort and being constantly motivated is a real challenge. For that, Mohena would like to thank her friends, who not only supported her in her work but also provided her with the moral support she needed.

Like everyone, Mohena also feels life gets yucky sometimes. It is irrelevant to what extent you are a positive, glass half full type of personality or not, sometimes it just gets yuck. There’s no fighting it. She believes that,

“Sometimes you just got to sit with the feeling, ride it out, and let the uncomfortable cloud of reality hover above your head for, however long it takes to clear.  During this period, honestly, you learn the most important lessons of your life. Right from, patience to finance enduring and how much support and availability you get from the expected or unexpected people.”

Mohena has always been told that she is a very motivated and charged person. She prefers to call herself a Woman of Courage because she acts on things instantly, she acts on opportunities and makes the best of available resources.

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave manwoman is not heshe who does not feel afraid, but heshe who conquers that fear — Nelson Mandela”

Mohena is a Woman of Courage because she lives on her terms and acts on her instincts.



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