Journey From Being A Commercial Artist To The Founder Of ‘Vassa Holidays’. – Manika Saraswat

5 May 2017


Manika Saraswat

Owner and founder at Vassa Holidays Pvt Ltd located at Haridwar, Uttarakhand, Manika started her business in May 2010.

Manika is a qualified commercial artist and was looking for assignments in her town. It was a depressing thing for her as it was next to impossible to explain to people what it was all about. She tried many years explaining her basic qualification or profession, but unfortunately, it was a waste of time as people could consider it just as a painter job who can’t think above the colour of the walls. She never wanted to get her passion for colours get insulted, so she stopped talking it and locked them in the cupboard with the hope that one day she would get a chance to bring them out.

She never wanted to get her passion for colours get insulted, so she stopped talking it and locked them in the cupboard with the hope that one day she would get a chance to bring them out.

Meanwhile, she was working at her family hospital helping her family members with administrative work. Manika did a two-year course of hospital management to understand the role better but the greed of herself- identity and sustainability kept on pushing her to think what she should do independently. All this kept making her mind firm that she would do something different and that which her town lacks.

“My husband kept on encouraging me to do something which was of my interest and enterprising. We explored a lot of options which could match my line of interest. Finally, we concluded my interest other than colours was of exploring travel destinations along with food speciality.”

She believed starting a travel agency was the best combination of all that was required at that point of time but something different from others would be the key point. Discussing with the friend of theirs who was already in the business helped a lot in understanding it better to give it a shape. Family encouragement and support added full spice to her confidence and finally the planning started with some serious working on the same.

The things started getting into shape gradually. To hold the profession better Manika did her studies of IATA for a year and started working from her hospital desk itself.

After successful completion of her course, and a very small base of customers her confidence was touching the sky. She being only one IATA qualified in town with proper beautiful and colourful office made her thought process big and different.

She decided Vassa Holidays would work only with the thought of giving luxury in the desired budget rather than booking the budget deals for the home to home travel keeping in mind that one can travel the desired destination with all required facilities, starting one’s journey from home until back home in all organised way without any worry. Each holiday they planned and shaped is according to the customer’s requirement making the trip enjoyable up to the fullest with luxury.

Gradually increase of the satisfied customers and re-booking them repeatedly increased Manika’s confidence with a lot of motivation.

The journey of starting the business from partnership firm to Pvt Ltd Company, opening a second office at Dehradun under the same banner, learning new things and managing at every step seems to be a long way with steady growth for Manika and it is indeed a journey of joy she experienced.

“There are many challenges but I believe facing them is also a challenge. Managing home and office together efficiently keeping them as separate profile is an every day’s challenge. A pre-planned day really helps me maintain the balance and run the show with all priorities as required.” Shares Manika

She firmly believes in, ‘Quality speaks louder than words’. One satisfied customer gets another, and word of mouth works the best.

Manika tries to live her day king size. She likes to live her day with all ups and downs, managing her day with all her responsibilities of home and work simultaneously. The thought, ‘I can do it and is not difficult, it may take time, but if I hold patience surely it would be done’, motivates her to look at the brighter side.

When asked about her source of inspiration Manika says,

“I have been inspired by many, my family and friends. Small things, timely guidance and simple words of them have inspired me a lot.”

She conveys a message,

“Keep your mind engaged to the fullest efficiency. Do not be afraid of the challenges but face them by continuing working. Honesty and confidence walk hand in hand with hard work leading to the path of success and million smiles.”

Manika is Women of Courage because she didn’t lose her willingness for working even when her passion was not understood by anyone. She lives by her interests and works with all heart and soul.



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