Jayshree Gupta– A Renowned Lingerie Doctor Is Focusing On Women’s Health With Her Venture-‘Cazaro’

9 May 2017

Jayshree Gupta

Jayshree Gupta – a renowned lingerie doctor, founded CAZARO in the year 2009 in Mumbai, India. Jayshree Gupta has been in the field of lingerie consulting for over 10 years. She ensures that her clients feel absolutely comfortable while discussing issues concerning their breasts.

She shares her entrepreneurial journey with Women Of Courage.

Having born in a middle-class family, Jayshree started working at a young age. She used to go to college, do her part-time job and take private tuitions to achieve her dream. Graduating from Ruparel College and joining the aviation industry with an IATA degree in hand, Jayshree was realising her career aspirations.

She got introduced to the problem most women faced when she understood the importance of being well-groomed. Not getting well-fitted lingerie is an issue with most women out there. Her understanding of the plight of women not finding the right lingerie was the start of her research.

Jayshree figured out that most women don’t even care and realise the importance of wearing well-fitting lingerie. And this led to her establishing Cazaro in 2009. She wanted to create the understanding and directing women to an important aspect of their wardrobe.

At Cazaro, Jayshree focuses on customising. She says,

“Lack of awareness about a woman’s body changes, non-availability of sizes beyond standard body-type and uniformed salespeople has given rise to Cazaro’s offering personal fit consulting sessions in the studio, and products catering to a wide range of sizes from B to K cups. Perfectly fitted lingerie is the root to a good image and the end to all lingerie related health issues. At Cazaro we offer just that.”

She mainly emphasis on plus sizes because she understood the problem lies there.

“Plus size women find it very difficult to find their size which affects their overall image and health”, she says.

Jayshree has been awarded the Karamveer Chakra by Rex iCongo in 2014-15 for her exceptional work in the field of women’s grooming needs. She is a highly trained professional in the field of lingerie fitting and has also attended Panache Fit School in London, United Kingdom.

The most important objective of their venture is a woman’s health. She desires and dreams of launching her personal lingerie Label. People look upon her as the ‘Lingerie Doctor’ and each consultation with her makes them go back happy. The testimonials on her site are proof of how her customers are the reason that Cazaro is moving forward in their journey.

Her day starts in the morning doing house chores, playing with her little one and getting her ready for the school. She then heads to her fit studio, meet people from all walks of life and fit them.  She feels that she is blessed by people for whom lingerie issues are a task. And she ends the day with lots to do list for the next and a dream to have a personal label and serve all who need her.

At times, when she is stressed she just spends some time alone with herself or do a gateway with her family, go for shopping and not to miss a glass of wine.

She wishes to convey a message to girls and young entrepreneurs.

“You will face many ups and down in your life. However, never lose hope and work towards your passion. Most things of lasting value take time and disciplines to achieve.

Jayshree Gupta is a woman of Courage because she is one such different woman who has brought about a transformation in the lives of many. She is confident and positive but also unique and sensitive towards understanding the needs of a woman which makes her special.




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