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1 May 2017


Our ‘woman of courage’ today is Charmaine Kenita. Born in Mangalore, brought up in Belgaum, she comes from a simple middle-class family but has always dreamt of doing big things in life.

Being a top ranker, Charmaine loved studying. She is also a singer and loves the piano. To add more, she loves arts and crafts. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Homeopathic Medicine and is also a certified Yoga instructor. She has also done a PGD in Marketing.

Her venture, “Out ‘O’ Box Content” happened quite by accident. Before becoming a writer, Charmaine worked for two years as a doctor but the constant travel and the way it was affecting her health made her give it up. She then tried several jobs, from a fashion designer’s apprentice to an art gallery admin and even ran a successful recycled art/craft venture, before jumping into writing. She realised that writing was her true calling when people would seek her out after reading a small blog she had started online. It took her three years to make it her profession.

She wrote for three years across all kinds of industries, niches, from food to gambling for clients from Britain, Europe, Italy and America before deciding that she needed to take her writing even more seriously. One fine day she decided that if she didn’t register the company, she wouldn’t take it seriously. Before that, she did writing for the love of the language. The learning she acquired and the growth she saw in herself made her rationalise her dream.

Charmaine is entirely self-taught human and constantly challenges herself to come up with ideas/perspectives that go against traditional approaches. That’s also the inspiration for the name of the venture. Out ‘O’ Box was registered in October 2014 and it is being grown ever since.

At Out ‘O’ Box they believe that content is at the core of anything, be it a business, a brand or a person. If you aren’t able to convey what you want your audience to hear, everything that you do or spend or create will come to nought. She has personally taken much pride in putting the text together that will get people hooked.

They work on plenty of textual based content for blogs, websites, brochures, magazines, books, and marketing collaterals and are slowly branching into visual content. The content they provide covers a variety of industries, including highly technical ones such as AI as well as creative ones.

No matter how niche the industry is, or the kind of research involved in putting together the content, they love challenges and never refuse any job. Out ‘O’ Box is being run entirely on ‘word of mouth’ referrals & client recommendations for the last 2.5 years and they have worked successfully with 40+ businesses/brands across different kinds of industries so far.

Every business asks patience and also preparation for the struggle it takes. The main struggle with Charmaine for developing the company has been building trust among people and letting work do the talking. She wasn’t taken too seriously by friends and family at the beginning. She has worked throughout the days and nights with minimal sleep and rest while being pregnant and even after her daughter was born, the struggle continued.

It was a struggle to get paying clients initially, convince people to give her a chance and now after establishing the venture with its core, it’s the constant juggle between looking after her daughter while fulfilling work commitments and managing a team that can sometimes be challenging. The happiness when a job is successfully complete however, is incomparable. Charmaine loves what she does and that’s what is needed to live the dream and the things work accordingly.

The company is slowly being recognised and sought out by people in & outside India so growing it considerably is her long-term plan. This growth is especially sweet since there isn’t anything much in terms of marketing. She will also be working with new technologies and concepts in content to use across industries, which will be used in refining their deliverables.

Charmaine reads a lot and she believes that reading is her escape into another world and helps manage any stress or upheavals. Besides reading she paints and craft constantly. She also takes up online courses frequently because she believes that one must never stop learning in life.

Charmaine strongly believes that all of us come into this world with a purpose. Use this life to dream big, push yourself, achieve what you’re capable of and make a fool of yourself while doing it. Chalk a path different from everyone else because there’s only one life and only one chance to see where that path will lead you. The determination she has to fulfil her desire is commendable.

Her life seemed changing with the birth of her child. Charmaine had a difficult delivery with many life-threatening complications. She was given 48 hours to live with no hope and had spent days thereafter in an ICU. The incident changed her life, it made her realise the kind of strength she possessed, and the fact that she was given a second chance to live and she better does something productive with it.

For her, the birth of her girl brought in wonderful changes to her life. She has been her biggest teacher, her conscience keeper.

Fear is our biggest weakness and we need to make it our biggest strength. In earlier days, she was limited to her own thoughts and actions. Ever since she has broken that invisible ‘thought’ ceiling, she has done things that have astonished her. It’s the same for everyone dealing with their own respective works.

According to Charmaine, the focus is a myth.

“We humans aren’t hard-wired to focus, so do whatever it takes to help you complete a task. Take a break, work on tasks or just watch a movie to break the monotony. However, once done, sit and finish what you have started.”

Charmaine wants to go a long way. And to reach there she needs to keep herself motivated.

She says, “I’m just a quarter way through and there’s so much more I need to achieve. Coming from almost nothing, and getting everything through hard work feels like an achievement in itself though.”

She further wants to convey a message to the young girls and entrepreneurs,

“Don’t let anyone shape your thoughts, don’t let them put a limit to your capabilities. You are every bit as good as anyone else. Take your idea, work on it and only stop when you think you’ve done your best. Work for yourself and give yourself and your health the attention it needs.”

Charmaine is a Woman of Courage because she has overcome several physical and mental roadblocks to reach where she is now, to realise her dreams and shape her own destiny.




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