Chaitrali Sardesai Wants ‘The Cake Charm’ To Be Your Destination For Customised Cake.

2 May 2017


Chaitrali Sardesai

Chaitrali Sardesai is a founder of “The Cake Charm”. She shares her entrepreneurial journey with Women Of Courage.

Having an ideal childhood, Chaitrali has always been a very active kid and loved doing creative activities. She was born and brought up in Pune, Maharastra. Her father, a successful businessman in the IT industry and mother, owner of a venture of quilts and quilted products have always supported and encouraged her to start a business of her own which she always dreamt of.

Chaitrali has done her schooling from St. Joseph High School, Pashan, Pune. She has completed her graduation from Symbiosis College of Arts & Commerce, Pune. Later, she pursued her post-graduation in Mass-Communication & Journalism from MIT, Pune. Residing in such a beautiful and educative place she didn’t feel the need to move to another city her higher education. Pune fulfilled all her needs.

Her passion for baking inspired her to start the venture, ‘The Cake Charm’ in the year 2015. She did a lot of cake baking and decoration courses before starting her own business. When she felt she was ready and confident about the taste and designing of her products, she took the plunge ahead. Her love and passion for baking are her driving forces behind starting this venture.

The Cake Charm is a home baking business with products of unique designs and a motherly taste like no other commercial bakeries. Each and every design is customised with attention to details. Chaitrali bakes and decorates the goodies herself to make sure the quality of the items is not compromised upon. All sweet treats by ‘The Cake Charm’ are homemade.

When asked about her future plans, she mentioned that she wants to make sure every product is what the client expects. She believes in paying maximum attention to the quality of her products. Her aim is to make her clients happy with the taste and design of the baked goodies.

For Chaitrali, baking is her life. Her regular day starts and ends with baking. She believes in making the best of each moment of every day to deliver the best products to her clients. She is pumped up with enthusiasm and energy when it comes to baking.

For maintaining a mind-body balance and managing stress levels while baking, Chaitrali practices meditation, yoga and also exercises regularly to keep fit and healthy. On days packed with back-to-back orders, finishing the work on time is a challenging task for her. In order to keep calm, she prefers listening to soothing music. She makes sure the music is on in her kitchen as well as icing room throughout the time she is working. She believes that it calms her down and allows her to be patient and at peace.

Her motto is “Gratitude is the Best Attitude”, which she follows in her daily life.  “The Cake Charm” changed her life and added value to it.

In life, things come and go. We have to take up some decisions very accurately because it is the foundation of our life. Chaitrali took one such decision.

Her husband and parents are very supportive towards her venture and told her to pursue her burning passion for baking. Their encouragement played a big role for her to start “The Cake Charm”.

Chaitrali has learned that following her dream is the only way to lead a happy and bright life. Dreams know where they want to go, they know their way.  And that’s what she did by following her dream.

 She loves to be challenged with new designs and intricate detailing. It motivates her to fulfil the challenges and makes her believe in herself more and more.

The message she wants to share with the young entrepreneurs is that

“This is the time to challenge yourself and follow your passion. Hard work and perseverance can make you overcome all obstacles.”

Chaitrali is a Woman of Courage because she believes in herself and lets her passion and hard work drive her into her profession. She always strives for perfection in each and every goodie she makes, be it a small cupcake or big cakes. Baking is her life.



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