It Doesn’t Hurt to be Nice! – Amisha Sethi

8 May 2017

Amisha Sethi

“I have always been a simple girl with a handful of values and principles and since childhood was a dreamer, who wanted to achieve a lot in life. And I indeed achieved more than I could have imagined in my professional and materialistic happiness. However, in spite of being at the top position, there was still something missing and that missing piece was inner peace and purpose of the life I was leading.

A chance encounter with few Americans in Los Angeles exposed me to the Asian ancient scriptures and its transcending inherent wisdom of kindness, love and peace for a beautiful life. I started my own voyage in these scriptures and in the year 2013 I ended up being in deep meditation for over eight hours. That night changed my perspective on life. I started understanding the world around more from the inside (inner beauty and peace) than outside (outer layers of society, religion, money, fame and relationships).

We all have a purpose and I realised my purpose in the most remarkable way. I had the opportunity to connect my experiences and realised the deeper nuances of living a life for its basic purpose and not for aimlessly running behind different kinds of happiness and hence wrote my first book which also gave me an opportunity to spread the importance of inner peace and joy by talking and doing workshops. My purpose in life is to be a good human being with each passing day.

The book was also demonstrated on stage as a musical theatre in Brussels recently. The feeling of touching so many people in a positive way is indescribable.

As a woman, we have the finest capabilities of multitasking in any situation or circumstances. Do not underestimate your potential and sacrifice your career for anything. You can easily be a confluence of creativity and compassion that can take you to places in almost every field. Just go ahead with no inhibitions.”

-Amisha Sethi



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