Story Of 106-year-old Mastanamma, Who Has Become A YouTube Sensation For Her Cooking Videos.

22 May 2017


Mastanamma 106 year old

The grey haired great grandmother from a remote Gudivada village in Andhra Pradesh’s Guntur district, Mastanamma – 106-year-old lady has become an unlikely YouTube sensation. Dressed in a cotton sari and an open rice field as her kitchen background, she isn’t usual celebrity chef.

She is the star of a nine-month-old YouTube cooking channel called Country Foods, with over 3 lakh subscribers from within and outside India. She was introduced to the world by her Hyderabad-based grandson K Laxman and his friend Srinath Reddy last year. Initially, the two started the channel on bachelors making their own food.

After few months when both the friends visited Laxman’s grandmother, seeing her traditional and unique cooking style, they decided to shoot her. They received lots of appreciation and everyone liked her style. So they decided to feature her.

She is often seen making local delicacies using easily available flavours of the state. She cooks delicious egg dosas, fish fry to bamboo chicken biryani in the videos, all from scratch. Reddy and Laxman have even asked her to make her version of a chicken burger and KFC chicken. Her most popular video, “watermelon chicken”, has had close to 66 lakh views, and shows her roasting chicken in a watermelon shell.

She has a huge number of followers and many leave comments on her YouTube videos which are full of affection and love. In all her videos, at the end, she serves the food to her children, grandchildren and others working in the paddy fields.

Before the online fame, she had a long and difficult life. She never attended school and was married at the age of 11. She lost her husband at an age of 22 and then after she started working in paddy fields to bring up her five children. She believes in leading to an independent life and so, even today she lives alone in the village, next to her son’s house.

The channel’s fan following has grown by leaps and bounds in the last two to three months. Mastanamma is happy to showcase her recipes to the world.

Many of her foreign followers ask for English subtitle. She also gets messages from fans in the US, UK, UAE and even Pakistan.

Mastanamma is a Woman of Courage because she has set an example for everyone. At an age of 106, she is showcasing herself and her recipes to the world and that itself is a great achievement.


Image Source: CountryFoods



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