Read how Swati Saxena successfully operates her own business in addition to caring for her children

1 April 2017

Swati Saxena

A mother of two high-spirited and creative kids, Swati Saxena completed her English (Hons) from Lady Shri Ram and later MBA from FORE School of Management, Delhi. She is constantly on her toes to keep her kids occupied, think of creative and fun things to do and to buy products that they would love to own. Such products in her views would often either be exclusive and priced really high, or of a quality that would be a real let down. Sometimes it did not serve the purpose and were not exactly what she required.

“Sweet Somethings by Swati” is an idea that emerged out from a coffee conversation with a friend where Swati decided to provide high-quality products which would be custom-made to the client’s requirements. With the designing and quality assurance in their hands, she could ensure that their bath linen was super absorbent; their bed linen of products, bespoke – down to the exact measurements and style. They also decided not to stick to only children’s products and rather manufacture for everyone as well as personalize them with names.

“Sweet Somethings by Swati” got its start in 2012. Initially, it was based in Hyderabad but within a few months of functioning, they had relocated to Gurgaon.

At her venture, they offer their clients custom-made embroidered and appliqué work in soft furnishings and home accessories. All their products can also be personalized or monogrammed for the special touch. Their product range encompasses all age groups and is especially favorite for kids. It includes Bath linen, Bed Linen, Kitchen linen, Cushions, Shaped Cushions, Curtains, Blinds and a wide array of accessories such as fabric pencil cases, bags, passport holders, hair clip organizers, file folders etc.

Since the beginning of Sweet Somethings by Swati, quality products, and timely delivery have been their top priority. Swati wishes and dreams to have a base for Sweet Somethings in a couple more countries. Though they supply worldwide but a base in a foreign city would give them a wider audience and a better understanding of the customers there.

Swati manages her schedule very well. The first half of her day is dedicated to coordination with the production department and calls to clients whose orders are currently in the pipeline. A lot of her work is online and promotions on social media sites and on her page take up some time of a day. Keeping in touch with new and prospective clients via meetings, emails and messages is something that is a big part of a regular working day.

She likes to keep the latter half free for her children once they are back home and prefer not to step out for meetings if avoidable. However, Swati is available via other media round the clock.

Swati says that stress is a part of daily lives and her stress management technique is to surround her with her stress busters. And her stress busters are her friends. She makes sure to take out time from her schedule and have regular meet ups with her friends who work faster than any medicine at bringing down stress levels.

Swati believes in taking the plunge. She also believes that things have a way of falling in place. She has a positive attitude towards life and a dedication to work with all her efforts.

Swati has experiences of all kind with both vendors and clients, some really good and some just leave a bad taste in the mouth. Everyone goes through these experiences and learn. However, one lesson that she always keep in her mind is to never trust anyone blindly. And that will save a lot of heartache and headache.

Staying focused is very easy for Swati as she loves what she does. Her clients and their trust in them and their work inspire her to work harder and stay focussed so as to not let anyone down.

Their products spread happiness all around and when Swati sees the smiling photos of their little clients, snapped by their mothers and shared with her, keeps her motivated at all times. She has an album on her Facebook page of these happy customers as a reminder of the joy.

Swati has a message for the young entrepreneurs. She says, learn to follow your instincts and get rid of self-doubt. More often than not, our instincts are correct and lead us toward the right path. Believe in yourself, your products/service and your team.

Swati is a Woman Of Courage because she walks, she runs, she flies, she falls. But she always dusts off and gets right back up again. She tries her best not to give up on anything or anyone.





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