If we love what we do things just get better and easier.- Sonika Furia- Kalon Image Consultancy

21 April 2017

Sunika Furia

Sonika Furia, founder of ‘Kalon Image Consultancy’ talks about her entrepreneurial journey with ‘Women Of Courage’.

“Kalon Image Consultancy is a true extension of who I am.”

Sonika, we must say is a versatile and a multi-passionate entrepreneur. Having done her schooling from St. Joseph High School, and under graduation from Narsee Monjee College in Commerce and BMS, she went for a post-graduation from SP. Jain Institute of Management and Research in FMB (Family Managed Business). Along with this, she is also a certified Image Consultant from ICBI (Image Consulting Business Institute) and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner from the School of Excellence.

As a child, Sonika was loved and pampered by everyone. Being the first baby in a big fat family of 18 members, this had to be the case. She strongly feels that a happy childhood has the power to make or break your life and feels blessed for the same. She was always fascinated by art and had a strong creative streak ever since the beginning.

“I remember completing tens of Jumbo Coloring Books and attending different forms of art classes in my summer holidays. I’ve always liked to add beauty and creativity to everything around me.”

Sonika’s father is an entrepreneur himself. They are in the business of manufacturing fabric for men’s shirting since the last 30 years. She has grown up hearing interesting discussions about art, color, fashion, and trends. Indeed runs in the family.

Kalon Image Consultancy happened in 2014. In the year 2012, Sonika came across a course on Image Consulting and immediately decided to pursue it.

“In those days, I was working as a research and development associate in my father’s company and my job was to do an in-depth research of the upcoming trends and I had to be in a constant contact with our designers so that on the basis of my research they could create collections and set trends.” says Sonika.

The name of her venture came into existence from the Greek word “Kalon”, which means beauty that is more than skin deep. With Kalon, Sonika’s vision is to help people align their inner and outer image and help them transform the perception of themselves, therefore changing the perception of the world.

Sonika Says, “Perception is nothing but a way in which you regard, assume or interpret anything. Image building is necessary as it creates a new you in you.”

“At Kalon, we provide transformational training to schools, colleges, corporate and also design bespoke sessions for individual clients. We conduct and organize open workshops for men and women likewise. The sessions cover various aspects of clothing, grooming, etiquette, body language and influence. Till date, I have been able to facilitate training sessions for 800 people via different mediums and it gives me immense joy that in some way or the other, I am able to touch, motivate or inspire people through my work” shares Sonika.

Talking about initial days of Kalon Sonika says,

“My initial stage included many struggles. A lot of efforts had been indulged to explain people about what I do and how I am different from the fashion designers and personality development coaches or any other stereotypical image that they held”

Since Kalon is passion turned into a profession, Sonika takes challenges in a healthy manner. Even in those high-pressure hours or the decision-making times, it never feels like stress to her because she absolutely loves what she does. She strongly believes that consistency and persistence along with responsibility and passion is all that is needed to achieve success in whatever you do.

“Work is what we do, and if we love what we do things just get better and easier. I am an opportunist and I keep thinking of different ways to excel and grow my business every day. I want to make an impact with the work I do and thus I make sure I spend enough time upgrading and updating myself in all the aspects of life. Holistic growth is what drives me” adds Sonika.

Her future plans require focus. She recently started curating fashion and jewelry that is true to her personal taste by meticulously handpicking pieces that reflect the art and culture of India. Sonika feels blessed to be born in such culturally rich and heritage country where there is infinite diversity in tradition and art.

Sonika’s life mantra has been inspired by Rumi’s quote, “what you seek is seeking you”. She believes in going in the direction of her calling and putting all her life energy into things that she cares about and the good news is, it has always worked out for her. Along with this, she believes in staying grounded and spending some time every day practicing gratitude.

When asked about her life-changing moment, Sonika says,

“For me, a major life changing experience was meeting my Guru Sri Nithyananda Swami in 2014. It was literally a new birth.  The spiritual awakening helped me overcome a lot of patterns and limitations and empowered me to be absolutely true to myself.  And this indirectly helped me in all the aspects of my life.”

Apart from her business routine, she loves to travel and is extremely passionate about learning new things. She calls herself a hungry child, always open to learn something new wherever whenever.

“I believe as humans, we need a calm state of mind to be able to work with enthusiasm and utmost energy and that state of mind certainly comes from within, the inner happiness.” says Sonika.

Tanjore painting had been Sonika’s current obsession and she utilizes all her free time painting. Other than being a creative outflow, it is more of a meditation to her.

When we asked her as to what motivates her, she said: “It is the love from her clients is what keeps her going.”

A message for young girls and entrepreneurs, “Follow your dreams. Work passionately and remember nothing is impossible. Our will has the power of moving mountains, having clarity in what you aspire and with will persistence, dreams and goals can become reality.

Sonika is a ‘Woman Of Courage’ because she believes in herself and puts her heart and soul in whatever she does.




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