Now You Can Lose Weight With Yummy Food.- Ruchita Maheshwari -‘Healthy Mantra’

24 April 2017


Ruchita Maheshwari is a Founder of ‘Healthy Mantra’ ( online weight loss/gain organization ). She shares her entrepreneurial journey with ‘Women Of Courage’. Read her story and get inspired.

Ruchita was born to a simple Marwari family; she always wanted to do something innovative that makes her happy from inside. From her childhood, Ruchita wanted to be a doctor but god had some other good gift for her.

Soon after completing her graduation she decided to do post-graduation in food science & nutrition. Ruchita always loves to experiment with food & make something really innovative from it & thus decided finally to do something related to food.

“The journey was always bumpy from the beginning with bundles of hurdles which made me stronger day by day.” says Ruchita

After good years of experience unexpectedly Ruchita came up with Healthy Mantra.

“It happened to me all sudden within a night after I was well encouraged from my family & loved ones.” She adds.

HEALTHY MANTRA is an online weight loss/gain organization where we plan healthy balanced customized diets keeping your lifestyle, medical condition & nutritional needs in the mind. Ruchita and her team help people to lose weight with the yummy menu & there is no compulsory physical activity which is beneficial keys of their program. All these keys make their program just perfect thus Ruchita has many clients from Canada, Dubai, Kuwait & etc. apart from India.

In Healthy Mantra they don’t make you follow any crash, fad diets or any silly rules. They have different weight loss programs like Fight PCOS, Get fit & post pregnancy weight loss program for everyone whether you are working or non-working.

Starting a health care center is easy but running it successfully is not a cup of tea for everybody. Well, so far Ruchita has overcome all the difficulties working hard to managing all things by herself.

Ruchita’s Day starts by checking her mailbox & reverting her clients first, calls, messages, diet plans, blogs, creating recipes & much more.

“I work for good 8-10 hours daily which makes my entire day fruitful.”

When asked about her source of motivation Ruchita says,

“I am lucky to have 3 motivators who guided me in every phase of life my mom, sister & my best friend feels super blessed when you have such lovely people around you who always understand you even when you are angry. I also make sure that I am equally giving time to my pet doggy & spending a good time with him makes me feel happy.”

Throughout the journey, Ruchita has learned many things whether it is patience, focus etc. She is looking forward to exploring soon in different cities.

“Don’t just sit & think to start healthier lifestyle just make up your mind, bring your thoughts to action & see the change that tastes better.”




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