New Generation Entrepreneur Rachana Bagde Is Taking A Leap Of Faith With Virtual Reality!

12 April 2017

Rachana Bagde

Rachana Bagde is a 20-year-old MTech student and Founder of ‘G for Gesture’. Both Rachana’s parents are teachers by profession. Her father is a mathematics teacher at Kendriya Vidhyalaya and her mother being a Sanskrit teacher.

Rachana acquired her schooling until 10th from K V WCL Chandrapur and 12th from K V CRPF Nagpur. At present, she is in the fourth year of Integrated Post Graduation, which is an integrated five-year course for an MTech degree at Indian Institute of Information Technology, Gwalior.

“Growing up in a colony where there were no girls my age and all boys, I seemed to be a very quiet kid in childhood. I grew up playing cricket with the boys of my colony. I specifically enjoyed bowling and Yorkers and short balls are my favorite. I used to perform well academically and used to also participate a lot in extracurricular activities.” says Rachana.

The inspiration to start G for Gesture was initially a project and later converted into a business idea. G for Gesture is a Virtual Reality Venture. It’s an integration of Gesture Recognition and Virtual Reality.  It is first of its kind in the market, not only in India but globally. When you know you have some energy inside you which makes you restless and don’t allow sitting ideal, you take that jump. And that brought G for Gesture to reality.

G for Gesture allows the user to control the virtual world through his hand gestures.  A body sensor is used, where a user stands in front of the sensor and moves his hands with some natural gestures and is able to move in the virtual world. He is able to explore the virtual world on his own only through his hands and that looks magical.

 “We intended to launch a product where a user is able to take a virtual tour of all the available suites of the hotel where he wants to stay through his hands. He can explore the interior, travel through different rooms, experience the outside view and finally get the essence of the suite and then he can decide where he wants to stay thus providing options for the customer to make his own choices rather than settling down with whatever the staff provides. We got an amazing response to the launch. Currently, we are focusing on real Estate and Gaming Sector.” She says.

The future is unseen, but Rachana wants to grow G for Gesture. She would love to experiment this technology with different sectors and see how it works and gets the response. Her focus would be on amazing people with their technology in a way that is able to solve respective problems effectively.

“Personally, I want to just keep doing interesting work, something that challenges my abilities. One thing is sure I can’t live a mediocre life and everything I do is just an attempt of not being one. I do plan things to a good extent but talking about future nothing is really planned but it is definitely going to be full of risks.” She adds.

Rachana spends most of the time in her room spending a quality time with her own self.  Not every day but twice a week she goes for an alone Morning walk with refreshing music in her earphones. Rachana loves to dance. She likes reading Business magazines viz. Forbes, Business Insider and she is more into Biographies.

“During hard times, I keep myself motivated by telling myself that I have come a long way from where I had started and there is a very long way to go. If I give up now, the struggles I have faced until date will go in vain and then I will be insulting my hard work, which I won’t allow myself to do in any case. So, basically, there is no option of giving up. I believe, motivation comes from within, if you are strong no one can make you fall. And even if you fall, you will know how to rise.” shares Rachana.

Talking about her life mantra Rachana says,

“I believe, dream the impossible and make it happen as the only wish is to see that one beautiful day. Work in the direction where you want to see yourself.”

For Rachana, a life changing moment was when she refused a government MBBS seat and decided to pursue Engineering.

“It did bring many unexpected changes to my life but today, I am happy because I love what I am doing. Rachana adds.

Rachana believes that G for Gestures has taught her a very important lesson.

“Just aim something and keep doing, no matter how impossible it looks at first, it will happen. If you really love what you are doing you will be automatically focused. So, for me staying focused at work is not that difficult. And for me, work ethics works as a wonder to focus and optimum results.”

As a message to young girls and entrepreneurs Rachana says; Dream, as big as this Universe and get ready for an awesome journey full of amusement. No dream is bigger than your will. If you really want it badly, you will get it. Just work in the direction of your dream.

Rachana is really a Woman Of Courage because she doesn’t compromise with her dreams. From 5th grade until today those dreams are still the same. She doesn’t dilute her dreams rather multiply my efforts to achieve what she desires.



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