With Only 10% Vision, Paridhi Varma Made It To IIM-L And Now Got A Job In A Micro-Finance Bank.

30 April 2017

Paridhi Varma

Being a single child, Paridhi had her childhood ongoing with herself. Possessing only 10 percent vision did not stop her from achieving her dream.

She was just 19 years old, the youngest in her batch when she joined one of the top business schools in India, IIM Lucknow. She has always been honest and blunt with her responses to her visual impairment which has left everyone stunned. She is fighting her own battle with all her weapons ready.

Paridhi suffers from macular degeneration with visual impairment up to 90 percent. With 10 percent vision, she has surpassed everyone’s expectations and landed a job.

She was born in Jabalpur and spent the early years of her life in Delhi. Her parents worked for defence ministry and are now retired.  She was always a bright kid. She used to perform academically well and that’s why it was a shock for her as well as her parents when her grades started declining drastically over the years. Initially, in lower standards, the books would have larger fonts which would not trouble Paridhi much but with higher standards, things started changing.

It was Holi festival when some colour went into her eyes and it was painful to her. It would have been painful to any human. She was taken to an eye specialist by her parents where the doctor realised that it was not just the colour but something more to it which Paridhi was suffering from. She was asked to read from a distance by the doctor, wherein she couldn’t and as a result, she was prescribed spectacles.

With the glasses, she was bullied by her classmates and in reality, it had no effect on her vision. It was very difficult for her to grasp the situation and her falling grades were making her worried more. She underwent many tests and was diagnosed with this rare disease of macular degeneration which occurs in one in seven lakh people. It is incurable and progressive in her case. 

With time and maturity, she became more confident and self-motivated person. Since childhood, she has been spiritual and that helped her in overcoming all the obstacles.

Completing her schooling, she then went on to do her BBA from ICG, Jaipur and also holds a diploma in mass communication and video production. She then decided to prepare for the Common Admission Test (CAT) accepting a friend’s suggestion. Paridhi cracked the exam after only two and a half months of preparation.

Initially, Paridhi was not able to manage because preparations involved a lot of reading. At home, her father read out lessons to her. There was also a time when she thought of quitting, but then her seniors and mates stepped forward and volunteered to help her overcome her challenges.

She says, “I have a disability, but I focus only on my abilities.”

Staying away from home and parents asked for a struggle, but Paridhi fought each fight with her belief high. She never let her disabilities be a hindrance to her personal growth and development. She learned to play the guitar and formed her own college band that later even gave concerts.

Due to her rare disease, in an examination, she used to get a writer. Usually, a person writes his own destiny, but in her case, her destiny was in her writer’s hand. But every time she got back right and made her parents proud. She considers herself lucky to get wholehearted support from her well-wishers since childhood. She believes God has been kind to her.

Recently, she has been offered a job by a micro-finance bank as a customer relationship executive where she will be joining this May. She expresses her gratitude to her parents who had been the biggest motivational factor in her life. They never demoralised her and instead stood by her as a pillar of strength. She expresses a great thank you to her coaching institution as she thinks that providing training to a person with 10 percent vision is no child’s play.

Paridhi feels happy and glad that everyone has accepted her as she is and would be gathered around her all time along.

In the year 2015, she was felicitated with the ‘Women of the Future Award’ by the Rajasthan Government. And she was also awarded by the Nobel Prize Winner Kailash Satyarthi for promoting education and adversities which was received by her parents on her behalf. 

Paridhi is a Woman Of Courage because her dedication is nothing but proof that nothing is impossible if you are determined to achieve something and make a successful life out of the path in front of you.

»  Never stop believing in yourself. You can do everything and you can get through every problem if you don’t quit and if you have belief in yourself. 

Women Of Courage wishes Paridhi a very good luck for her present and her future.




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