Widowed at 25, Nidhi was asked to leave the home by her in-laws and now becomes an Army Officer

17 April 2017

Nidhi Dubey Army Officer 

Widowed at 25 and four months pregnant, Nidhi Dubey was asked to leave the home by her in-laws and now becomes an Army Officer.

Nidhi’s husband Mukesh Kumar Dubey, an Indian army jawan died of a cardiac arrest. And after the death, Nidhi’s in-laws abandoned her.  She went to her parents’ home in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh and after suffering from depression for several months, she recovered to fight back. It was the birth of his son, Suyash that encouraged and determined her.

After few years to Suyash’s birth, Nidhi shifted to Indore and did an MBA leaving her son in the care of her mother. She also worked for a year and a half in a company before shifting back to Sagar and taking up teaching at the Army School in Sagar where Suyash studied.

The idea for joining Indian Army was initially an advice by her husband’s seniors in the army. She had a huge struggle in her way. She had to juggle her parenthood, a full-time job and the rigor of preparation of Services Selection Board exam. The challenges were ample in number but Nidhi faced it with mere hard work and persistence.

Nidhi was weak at English, she knew facing the physical tests would be tough, and so she started working a tight schedule to get things done according to her.

She decided to join the army in 2014 and had the passion to make it to Indian Army. She drew her widow’s pension of Rs.8 330 which was 30% of the last salary drawn by her husband.  Nidhi wanted to rebuild her life.

She would wake up at 4 am, go for a 5km run and be back in time to send her son to school. Her child being at school, Nidhi would wind up her work and get home in the afternoon to be with him. She spends her evenings in the gym, working on her stamina and physique and then coming home, she would help her son with his school work and do her own studies.

Nidhi cleared her SSB exams after multiple tries and when she made it, she had another problem to face. Though she had cleared the exam, there was only one vacancy for a war widow at the Academy, and there were two widows out of which the selection was to be made.

Following the advice of Brigadier R Vinayak, she wrote to Army Headquarters requesting an additional vacancy and she didn’t turn disappoint. Her request got an acceptance and her training started in Chennai. She looks forward to continuing her husband’s legacy and serve the nation in coming days.

She wants to be a good officer and take right decisions. She also wants to send her son, Suyash to a Sainik School so that he too can join the army like his parents.

Nidhi is Woman Of Courage because she is determined and passionate about her work and courageously took up challenges which seemed a blur. Hard work and persistence were her key tools throughout the journey. She sets an example for all the women out there who are depressing themselves by struggling, falling and then rising bright in a dark sky like a shining star.

Nidhi is really a Woman of courage!



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