माँ चाहिए ! बहन चाहिए ! पत्नी चाहिए ! फिर बेटी क्यों नहीं ?

24 April 2017

Megha and Joshila

“I was born into reputed family. My parents were known for helping others. I was the 7th child of my parents, a 7th daughter. My father wanted a son, but he got seven daughters. After my birth, he went into depression and started drinking. We sisters were not allowed to come in front of him. Whenever father was at home, all of us sisters used to sit in another room.

Father lost his job due to a drinking problem and there was no other source of income. I along with my mother and sisters started doing some small household works to keep the ends meeting.

Once my father fell into the gutter as he was drunk. It was us, his daughters, who went there and carried him home.

After few years, father died due to cancer. By then four of sisters were already married. We three sisters were living with mother. But after few years, my mother met with an accident, doctors couldn’t save her.

We three sisters decided to live on our own. Though we faced some hard times, but few of our family friends, whom my mother helped earlier, came forward and helped us.

The point I want to make is that why we can’t treat son and daughters equally? My father’s want for a son destroyed our family. This should not happen to anyone.

We don’t blame our father. It is not his fault. It is the fault of society because society fosters and encourages inequality.”



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