Journey From Being A Pampered Child To A Strong Independent Individual – Dr. Dolly Patel.

27 April 2017

Dr. Dolly Patel

We all are afraid of change, I was too. I always wanted to become a doctor. Little I knew was this dream of mine will make me a strong person rather than just a doctor. Being the youngest child I was most pampered by parents and brothers. My problems were solved by them even before I face any. I didn’t know what the struggle is. Life was smooth and I was happy.

After completing HSC with flying colours, I wanted to fulfill my dream of becoming a doctor. However, being from a small town with no medical college, only available option for me was to leave my town. It was not just about going to a bigger city, but also about facing daily life problems and struggles on my own. For most of you this may be very normal, but for being a pampered child who never faced any problem in her life, I developed cold feet.

I had two choices: either to go after my dream or to run away from the situation. I decided to go ahead and took admission in Medical College at Mumbai. The struggle started from very first day – starting from bargaining with an Auto driver to catching a local train, from managing all my stuff on my own (which I never did at home) to dealing with all kinds of people. Gradually my confidence grew. I learned to identify people whom you can trust. I learned this hard way – I made mistakes, I screwed up things, I was back-stabbed by people I trusted.

I have no complaints, due to my experiences I am not only a doctor today, but a strong person too. I can face the world with confidence.

When I look back I realize how changed person I am today. My problems and struggles helped me grow.

Face your fears.



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