Meet Ms. Ami Savla Who Is a New Age Social Woman Entrepreneur, Founder of Socialize Store.

6 April 2017

Ami Salva

Ms. Ami Savla is a new age social Woman entrepreneur, Founder, and Trainer of a Social Media Training Hub – Socialize Store.

She has been featured in various newspapers and e-magazines as inspiring startup stories. Some of these include The Times Of India, Hindustan Times, DNA India,, Sheroes, Business Nonstop, Sniffer, MumbaiMag, Smart India Women, Naari Sakhi, Love Doodle, My City Woman and

On account of International Women’s’ day, this year she was invited as a panelist by K.J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research for their panel discussion ”women entrepreneurs and road ahead’  and last year too, she was invited by Google Developer Group’s Mumbai chapter to deliver a talk on ‘women and tech’.

She is also a Visiting Faculty at NMIMS for the subject: Social Media Marketing

Having realized that women in our country had some fantastic business ideas but very little knowledge on how to promote their brand effectively, Ami wanted to tap into this space. With the aim of providing these women entrepreneurs a skill on promoting their work on the digital platform, she launched Socialize Store in September 2015.

She takes her inspiration from Her Spiritual Master Pujya Gurudevshri Rakeshbhai Jhaveri (Gurudev), whom she lovingly refers to as BAPAJI. She is inspired to walk on the path of goodness, humility, hard work and dedication.

“One of the challenges I faced was to break the myth that women and technology don’t go hand in hand. But I have taken up this challenge to dispel this myth completely by helping women on how to use their smartphones effectively, how to use their computers and how to promote and brand them effectively on the digital platform.”

This she feels has helped women realize that the myth is only in their mind and that with dedication and patience they could also easily develop the art of going hand in hand with technology.

Ami had a fantastic business model to launch her company the Socialize Store. She shares, “Being a start-up myself, a barter system worked wonderfully for me mainly because it helped me in reducing my cost, it helped me in getting a required product and service and also it was a fantastic way as a collaboration model to grow mutually.”

Workshops offered at Socialize Store

  • Beginners Guide To Social Media Marketing
  • How to use your Smart Phone Smartly for your Business/Personal use
  • Advanced Social Media Marketing Tools
  • Basic and Advanced Excel/Word/PowerPoint
  • Designing tools and methodology
  • One on One and Group Mentoring sessions for any of the above

Having trained over 600 entrepreneurs until date, Ami has collaborated with several women, start-up, professional communities in Mumbai with the aim of reaching out to as many people to share the same knowledge at an affordable price.

“Women entrepreneurs in various sectors have been immensely successful in dispelling the myth that they cannot handle businesses as confidently or assertively as men. However, I did see that with social media many women developed cold feet and so with SocializeStore I intend to dispel this myth.”

With Socialize Store, Ami wants to pass this knowledge of social media to every woman out there and help them reduce their dependency on various external sources thus make them become confident and independent individuals.




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