Need some motivation? Read these 10 effective ways to stay motivated.

17 April 2017

10 effective ways to stay motivated


Motivation is something that keeps you working for your desired goal or objective in life. Staying motivated is necessary to live a healthy life. If you are motivated, you can take on your task smoothly.

There are various motivation theories and psychology models on what motivates us to do the things we do: how we respond to any action.

Here are 10 ways to stay motivated every day.

  1. Take a break. You deserve it.


Following the similar routine, every day makes a body a machine. A machine doesn’t need any break but we humans need one. So, don’t hesitate in calling off for a while and going for a vacation with friends and family. The time you think, you can’t take off from work that’s the time when you really need a break.

So take that long-delayed vacation, and return to your work with freshness and enthusiasm.


2. Keep your cards close to your chest.

Finally starting work out in morning? Excited for a new diet? Ideas about a new project? Good. Keep it to yourself.

In this world of internet, everyone wants to share everything they do in their life. When it comes to yourself, don’t expose your life like an entertainment for others. The likes, comments are not going to help you in any way.

Accomplish a task and then share with your friends and family to get their warm regards. But before the achievement don’t broadcast your ideas. Keeping things to yourself will help you to stay composed and clear.

  1. Confront death, and define your legacy.

Death is a powerful motivator. We are indulging in mindless activities these days. It makes us feel as if we have accomplished great heights but in reality, we are just spinning in circles.

We know we have a finite time on this planet Earth and so we have focused our mind on our desired goals, accomplishing it. Everything we do is another step in defining our legacy. If tomorrow doesn’t come, live your today with all your strengths and powers. In this way, you will always stay motivated to turn your dreams alive.


  1. Celebrate the little wins, no matter how small.


In life, what we do, how we live all depends on us. If today you lost 1kg weight, celebrate your victory of losing 1kg from your body. The process will be long for reducing weight but celebrate your little winnings also.

Celebrating the little wins bring in a positive attitude in us and can even brighter the lives of others.


  1. Slash your to-do list in half.

Just cut down your aggressive to-do list in half. This will allow success to enter your room. You are your own master. You know you are capable of doing things when you trust yourself completely.


  1. Be gentle with yourself.

You are what you are. You can’t get better or worse overnight than anyone else. So, stop comparing your achievements and accomplishments with those of others. Be happy in what you have and what you get because in life, no matter what you determine, the things happen its own way. The moment you can embrace this, you’re free to world. Free to experience something new. Free to explore. Free to follow your instincts. Free from others, and focus on you.

The story you create in your mind will never be as good, and the reality will never be as bad. Accept things as they come and be you.


  1. Hack the way your brain perceives your new habits.

If you began waking up two hours earlier than usual, don’t view it as two hours less sleep, and instead view it as two extra hours of a day, allowing you to add a full workday.

Our brain categorizes things. And it perceives in its own way.

Hack the way and define a positive aura about yourself to keep up things alright.


  1. Embrace vulnerability.

We live in a culture where Instagram followers and Facebook likes and comments mean the world. The perception of our lives being anything less than perfect is a daunting notion. The glossy facebookification of our lives can create a dangerous facade of success.

Accepting defect and admitting failure is a powerful cultivator of motivation, allowing you to move past the failure. Moving on to something more constructive should be our personality in terms of emotions and feelings.

Sharing the vulnerable moments also cultivates the deeper connection with peers.


  1. Do what you love (sort of).

Success dwells at the fulcrum of passion and excellence. So find what you love, and do that in order to live a happy peaceful life. Make a profession out of your passion. Earn an income, live a life, go on a vacation and just love your life and what you do. Things will be simpler and easier if you want it to be.

10. Focus


In life, it’s not important what you do, but all that matters is how you do. Concentrating on what you ultimately want is to be determined. And working in the same regard gives you excitement. Focus creates an exact idea of what you want to achieve in life.


Motivation comes from everywhere if we seek for it. Motivators can be in any form, any person or anything. But create a motivation from within to live happily and healthy.



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