How Shikha Bhangadia, an HR Executive launched her clothing label to follow her passion for fashion!

31 March 2017


“Being brought up in a Marwari family of Delhi, I had a happy, pampered and a fashionably elegant childhood.  My father was an IIT Delhi Director and currently, a Director Research at SBJIMRT, Nagpur, while my mother was busy nurturing the family being a housewife. I got married to a Research Analyst.

An MBA (HR) from LBSIM, Delhi and B.Com Graduate from Gargi College, Delhi University, I had my schooling at Apeejay School, Delhi. Since my childhood, I had a fascination and a great passion for fashion. I spent my considerable time visiting malls and every other place which attracted people for styles and trends, before taking the plunge. I took an effort to collect some facts & figures and made a research. When I was ready and quite confident, I entered the business and started off well without fearing the risks incurred. My business approach helped me polish my decision-making skills and running the venture Shibhana.

I did face many obstacles and hurdles in my journey. Building the business brought in various challenges for me especially in the face of stiff competition and changing taste and preferences of the customers. Perseverance and determination were the key factors in my initial stages and I have sustained this spirit in future as well to be up to date with the competitions in the business.

I desire to expand my team of workers and artisans so as to deal with the emerging exotics of the society. I am also toying with the idea of starting an online store. Making the brands available on various online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, LimeRoad and so on. My future plans involve tremendous dedication for my passion.

I am the ruler of my own kingdom and so don’t have to follow a 9 to 5 schedule which is laid down for my employees. Yet I am busy all while. My regular day starts with previous day’s leftover work, working with the team on new designs, updating social media links and other updates. And then I attend to my other work as the partner of an HR consultancy firm.

I believe spending quality time with family evaporates all my stress and let me breathe fresh. I strongly strive to maintain a balance and overcome all my difficulties with a positive attitude.

When you have a passion, the passion becomes your mantra. This is what I have faith in. For me Shibhana is a passion, a dream come true. It is something very precious to me not only in financial terms but also in emotions. I want to take the business forward and make it reach to a level where the brand symbolizes the modern woman, the independent woman.

When I decided to take the plunge that was the real moment which changed my life. I had moments of apprehension but having a constant support from my family and friends never let me down. And they being with me all time encouraged me to take the decisions and cross the hurdles.

I idealized Anita Dongre, who started from humble beginnings and grew into a chain of outlets. Her success story was an inspiration for me to venture into the business.

I have a message to convey all the entrepreneurs. One must have a dream to succeed in a venture like this. Shibhana taught me to be strong and gave me a reason to survive and struggle to make my dream come true.

The best way to stay focused at work is to have a goal and a self-imposed target. Once you start breaking your own records, that’s when you realize to stay long and go long. I believe it is necessary to have an intermediate and daily deadline as if competing with own self.

Believing in myself and the customers keeps me motivated during my hard times. I take an initiative to know the needs of the customers and the pulse of the market to survive in the journey.

As a message to the young girls/entrepreneurs, I want to say that believe in yourself and don’t give up on something you truly believe in. Love your work and work where you love. Never lose hope, good times will come soon. IhR

I am a woman of courage because I took risks to realize my passion. Dreams are attached to each other and once, one comes, all the rest will follow. I had the courage to imagine my dream and reach for that very dream. I am the hero of my life and that is possible because I am courageous.”




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